So you know I’m involved in some Mastermind groups. You should be, too, if you’re not yet.

I was at a great one with Trevor Mauch — he has a product called Investor Carrot. It’s a data-driven website building and support system that I’ve been using for years now. 

And, I love it.

See, the experience people have on your website fosters their attitude about doing business with you. You can spend tons of money on a custom website, but if it doesn’t function properly every time, you lose buyers and sellers. 🙁

Trevor talked about how he values website performance over aesthetics. Sure, your site should look nice and professional, but… 

Underperformance on your website can cost you — big time. 

If it’s pretty but doesn’t convert because it doesn’t have the right info, relevant local details and answers, who cares what it looks like, right?

Think about it: Is it worth spending an extra $50 a month for a well-optimized website that has awesome conversion rates, if it means you land $10k, $15k, $20k+ deals regularly? 

Um, yeah, you’d happily spend that $50.

I hear from investors who have built their online presence the right way, with an excellent website — and they get deals from their site. They invested in a smart website and it’s paying off so frickin’ well.

With the right website, by the time you get on the phone with a seller or buyer, you have an advantage. That’s priceless.

And Trevor had a really good reminder… just because you’re doing direct mail, for example, and it’s working, doesn’t mean you don’t need a great site. It’s actually the reason you do! 

You’re putting a phone number and a URL on that DM, right? Whoever gets your DM is gonna hop online and research you. 

Make sure you’re 1. tracking the phone number from each DM campaign, and 2. you have that phone number on the contact page of your site.

Plus, you’ve got to keep in mind SEO and keywords. Think about what people are going to Google: “House for sale Boise”… as a random example. Put keywords on your site that people will use when searching online.

Final thought to drive this point home: A good site provides high conversion and adds credibility to you and your business. 

The interwebs await you.

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