Want to know something I learned—the HARD way—early on in my investing career?

When I tried to do the marketing myself… it did not get done.

Why does that matter so much?

Because we aren’t in the real estate business—we are in the marketing business.

You market to get leads. If marketing doesn’t go out, leads don’t come in…

  • No leads = no deals…
  • No deals = no profit…
  • No profit = no business…

So here’s how I failed forward with my marketing at the beginning…

I’d send out a great marketing campaign. Leads would come in, I’d follow up with those leads… all was good.

Only it wasn’t. 🙁

Because while I was busy working with those leads, I didn’t have time to focus on more marketing, which meant I wasn’t sending out more campaigns.

By the time I did all the deals I could from the current campaign—because I hadn’t sent any new marketing out—I had no new leads coming in. None.

So I’d finally get back to the marketing—but it would take a couple months for new leads to come in. And in the meantime, since I didn’t have new deals, my money was drying up.

I’d go from profiting to broke over and over…

It was a terrible roller coaster to be on. I wanted off that coaster.

This just wasn’t a good situation. I had no consistency.

Then a coach of mine said something that really resonated with me:

Get your marketing done for you—in spite of you.


I stopped doing my own marketing and outsourced it. I hired a VA (virtual assistant) to do ALL my marketing.

And the leads flooded in…

That’s what happens when you market consistently.

It allowed me to focus on what I needed to: talking with sellers and making offers.

Tracking is also critical, so you know what’s working and what isn’t. You need to know your numbers—KPI: Key Performance Indicators.

I keep track (well, my VA does) of these:

  • What’s my average profit per deal?
  • How many leads do I need on average per deals?
  • What’s my average cost per lead?
  • How many deals per campaign?

Let me break it down…

You have to do marketing. Consistently. If you can’t—get someone to do it for you.

Do that as soon as you can. It will change your life and your business.

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