So, you guys know that I host workshops… I love teaching and coaching and helping others succeed in this business.

So, we did one recently and it was really great. It was an Implementation Workshop. We set up attendees with everything they need to get started immediately in wholesaling.

It’s pretty sweet.

Something we focus on is having one action — one goal. That was pretty fun hearing what people wanted to achieve. Each person had slightly different goals…

  • One guy said he just wants to a deal.
  • Another guy wants to use systems to structure deals.
  • Someone else wants to do lease options and learn how to talk to sellers.
  • Another person wants to build his buyers list.
  • Someone else wanted to go ahead and implement their marketing.

All good stuff. 

Then, based on their goal, we created their marketing plan.

Get this…

Your marketing plan should NOT be complicated. You should be able to write it on a napkin. For real. Legit. I’m serious.


Your marketing plan should contain the 1 thing, the one action that is more important than anything else.

So, what does that really look like?

Well, we taught the guy who wants to build his buyers list how to do that. (Hint: It involves searching for active wholesaler investors/cash buyers online in your target market, pretty simple.) Then, we advised him to have his VA spend 2–3 hours a day cold calling them. And he did some ringless voicemails, too. 

Simple and straightforward. Not overwhelming.

For the guy who just wanted to do a deal, we advised him to have a VA start calling absentee owners with equity in nicer ZIP codes in his target market. Once he got that going, he started scraping Zillow and Craigslist, for FSBOs, for Rents and landlords to call.

Not so scary, right?

Here’s the thing…

The BIG main goal of all of this is: talk to 5 sellers a day and make 5 offers a day.

Do you think the attendees are able to do that with the steps we told them to take? You better believe it!

If you make 5 offers a day, you WILL do deals. 

Did you notice that I didn’t talk about a website or a CRM or business cards as part of their marketing plans… just make offers, people! The rest will come eventually.

Creating and mastering your 1 THING gives you focus and gets you moving…

So, what’s your 1 thing?

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