Want to know one of the highlights of my month?

I mean, something I look forward to every single month? Something that gets me so pumped up…

My Wholesaling Mastermind meeting in St. Louis.

I started this group a few years ago for active wholesalers (i.e. actually doing deals)

And it’s exclusively by invitation-only.

The vision for this is a routine connecting place for serious investors who are interested in meeting once a month to bounce ideas off each other and share deals.

So in my local St. Louis market, there’s probably a good 25-30 active wholesalers. And we get about half of them that come to my Mastermind regularly.

Know who these meetings AREN’T for?

Brand-spanking new wholesalers, that’s who. If it was just a watering hole for newbies, then chances are the serious players wouldn’t really come around very often.

And we’re not trying to get people to spill their trade secrets or anything anyway…

My group is actually more like a Dealmakers Mastermind–we talk about what deals we have and play a little matchmaker. If I have a deal and need a buyer, or if someone is looking to buy a deal and needs a seller, then hopefully (often actually) someone in the group is interested and we connect the dots right then and there.

Looking back, it’s really amazing to me how many deals we’ve bought and sold to each other through my Mastermind group—so cool! 🙂

We even have a couple guys in my group who are hard money lenders and also a few rehabbing pros.

I’m just in such a great mood after every meeting… I mean, we’re meeting and connecting with other investors in the trenches. Doing deals. Living and breathing wholesaling.


And even though my group is mostly about matching deals together, we do also have brainstorming sessions and talk about what’s working and what isn’t, just like a bunch of other Masterminds I know of across the country.

In one of our meetings, I was super excited about a plan I’d come up with…

I had gotten a new easy-to-remember vanity phone number—I have different numbers for all my campaigns so I can track better—and I’d hired some sign spinners to be out on the weekends.

At a busy mall.

For 3 weekends.

Want to know how many leads we got from it?


Not 1.



Not one single call.

So we talked about it in my meeting. I wanted them to know I tried it and it didn’t work for me. Why should they waste their time and money, you know?

THAT is the power of a good mastermind.

Look, the fact is most people don’t really understand what we do as wholesalers. It can be a lonely world.

So if there isn’t a group this in your area… then start your own Mastermind.

If you’re a bit seasoned yourself, then consider making yours is exclusive like mine—by invitation-only.

One of the biggest reasons why?

Because the really good, seasoned wholesalers won’t come if there are a bunch of beginner investors there. (And if you are a beginner, start a group focused on beginners!)

Then simply choose a day and a time to meet just once a month.

I’m telling you, you’ll look forward to these meetings… you’ll hopefully do deals… and you’ll be around great people.

It’s a win all around. Such a great way to network and be around like-minded people who are doing what you do.

Think you’re up for it?

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