Question for ya…

Do you answer your phone if you don’t recognize the phone number?

Well, statistically, 93% of cell phone users let unrecognized calls go to voicemail. 

I do it. You do it. 93%. so, just about everybody does it. 

We seem to like talking on the phone less and less these days. When the phone rings, it’s an interruption… even when we’re really not doing anything specific.

When a lead calls you, the BEST thing you can do is simply answer your phone – but you probably won’t.

I’ll say it again: Do what your competition isn’t doing and ANSWER YOUR DANG PHONE.

But, if you don’t or can’t, I’ve got a great idea that’ll help with this issue and help you do deals…

The 7-day follow-up plan—use it with every one of the callers you miss. 

In this game of tag…

Day 1. The first thing you want to do is send a text and an email to the seller. Say something that will elicit a response: “Saw you called, when would you like to talk?”

No response?

Day 2. Call them and send another text. Be super nice and upbeat.

No response?

Day 3. Email something of value—use Sniply to send an article about the housing market, foreclosures. Etc.

No response?

Day 4. Call and email again. 

No response?

Day 5. If it’s a valuable lead, you can send them a little gift from Amazon, with a note that will elicit a response from them.

No response?

Day 6. Text and email.

No response?

Day 7. Find them on Facebook and message them.

No response? Start the whole process over again.

Win the game of tag, win the deal. I’m telling you, this 7-day follow up plan really brings in deals. Be aggressive.

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