Okay, a great reminder about getting back to the basics today…

So, I like to get together with several of my students from time to time for Mastermind meetings. We review each other’s businesses and help find solutions for challenges. I do some teaching.

Usually, there are people from all walks of life… different ages, experiences — and comfort levels with technology. I can get on a roll and start geeking out about tech when I’m teaching, and sometimes I have to be reeled in.

So that happened at a recent meeting. And I’m glad it happened. It made me remember that doing deals does NOT require technology. (And no, I’m not counting the internet or a basic computer in that tech, I’m referring to fancy CRMs, Podio, SlyDial, CallRail, Number and such.)

I run across students and clients all the time who are just uncomfortable with technology. And that’s okay. It’s not a must-have…

See, you can do deals by finding phone numbers and email addresses of landlords and FSBOs on Craigslist. Then, put the info in a spreadsheet. Check for duplicates, then… send ’em texts and emails. Done and done.


Know how else you can do deals without fancy tech… handwrite 20–30 yellow letters a night. Mail those to easy-to-get lists you can find online. Keep paper files of the leads — with your seller lead sheets — in color-coded folders that say, “Hot,” “Warm,” and “Cold.” So simple.

Your entire business can be run that way. I know because that’s how I used to do it!

Deals can even be done using a cheap cell phone plan or a pre-pay phone from Walmart for cryin’ out loud. 

See, you don’t need voice blasts, ringless voicemail, autoresponders… 

You can do deals the “old-fashioned” way. Once you get the hang of things, maybe start to look at a few tech options that might help your business, but again, you don’t have to. 

As much as I love technology…sometimes it is great to go back to the basics.

So yeah, I’m a technology geek. And I mention tech on my podcasts and in these emails… and they’re terrific. BUT! Only you can decide whether to try them or not. 

Just remember — you don’t have to adopt them to be a success. 

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