Read closely: Do not buy any more of my courses.

That’s a bold statement, right?

Bet you want to know why I’m saying it.

So, a student recently said something to me — that I hear from many, many people. He said he’s spent money on courses but he’s not making any money on deals.


Want to know why?

It’s because he’s not taking any action. Period. End of story. End of explanation.

There are TONS of REI courses, webinars and educational events out there. Mine included. And free stuff too. Mine included.

Thing is, this student, (and maybe you too?) doesn’t need another course.

See, he’s guilty of reading book after book and buying course after course – but not actually doing anything based on what he’s learned.

So my advice to this student is: Go back to the courses you’ve bought and IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned. 

That’s all. No, really…

Just take massive, imperfect action.

You don’t need another course. You need action.

Maybe you quit halfway through your last course. Go back, go through it ALL, and then do what it teaches.

If you bought a course from a solid investor, I’ve got some harsh truth for you: You can’t blame the course, you can’t blame the investor teaching it — the blame is on YOU for not implementing it.

It’s simple…

Take action, fail forward and improve as you go. Just do it, folks. 

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