Hey there—sometimes, I’m amazed at how much I can get done in a short amount of time.

So, I’ve noticed that whenever I get ready to leave town for a few days, I am super productive.

Why is that?

Well, I think it’s because I have an immovable deadline. I have no choice… I’m leaving for a trip on a specific date, which cannot be changed.

So my various projects must be completed before I leave.

I actually enjoy these deadlines—because I know I’ll get what I need to done. A trip, and any deadline, forces me to get ‘er done.

Look, I wasn’t always like this. In college, I was HUGE procrastinator. I’d always wait to the last second. (I’m kind of embarrassed by that, but it just shows you…you can better yourself.)

See, with deadlines, there’s no choice—I have to get it done.

When I need to talk to my team about something for work, I’ll schedule the meeting and put it on the calendar—which forces me to make sure I get my stuff done that I’m going to talk about in the meeting by that date.

Here’s another good example…

I partnered with a guy on an REI course and we needed to record something for it—so I put that on our calendars. And guess what, we actually created the recordings because we had a deadline.

Accountability really helps—especially when you have your team or a partner involved.

So, if you feel like you’re falling behind on work or not getting stuff done—I want to encourage you to set deadlines. It’s what I advise my coaching students because it works.

I’m telling you, with self-imposed deadlines, you WILL get your work done…

When you have the mindset that you have to get something done by a certain date—you’ll do it.

The act of setting—and keeping—deadlines is absolutely crucial for running a successful business.

Try it… and you’ll see.

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