I like getting right to the point…  Wholesaling Lease Options allowed me to leave my job within a matter of months because my part-time income so quickly surpassed my full-time income – and I was making $75,000 / yr!

Let me give you a quick list of why I love this business…

  1. You can bring in big chunks of cash quickly – sometimes within 1-2 weeks!  You don't need to wait 6 months for your rehab to finish or the bank to respond to your short sale offer.
  2. It's so easy to get started.  You can make $4,000 – $6,000 within 30 days!
  3. It's simple & easy to understand – almost anyone can do it!
  4. You don't really need ANY money to get started in the business!
  5. You don't need ANY money to do your marketing!
  6. You don't have to worry about holding costs!
  7. There is very little risk!
  8. This is a great biz for entry level investor!
  9. This is a great biz for a professional investor who is looking for some ways to fill in the gaps and generate more cash flow!
  10. You can do this business from your kitchen table!  All you need is a computer and a cell phone!
  11. In fact, you can do this business virtually from anywhere in the world, without meeting the seller or buyer!
  12. You can outsource 75% of the business to other people!
  13. This business can be paperless!
  14. I love having “control without ownership!”

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Wholesaling Lease Options”

  1. Craig S. Hunt

    How are working Lease Options with Dodd-Frank restrictions/ limitations? Whether I’m wholesaler or seller or both. Would appreciate any insight and pitfalls to avoid. Thanks!

    1. Joe McCall

      Very difficult question for anyone to answer. No one really knows how Dodd-Frank will affect lease options. DF never specifically mentions “lease options”. But you should still be careful and do everything that I teach in my course. Only accept someone in your house that can afford it, and you know has a realistic chance to get a mortgage in 1-2 years. And keep your rent credits small – if you have any at all. You should be fine.


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