Do you dread Mondays? 

I get it if you do. I used to. When I was working a crappy, unfulfilling J.O.B. 🙁

But ever since I quit the rat race and began working for myself as an investor… I fell in love with Mondays.


Because I love what I do. I love real estate. I love investing. I love marketing. After a great weekend with my family, I’m excited to get back to that work. Mondays remind me how much I love what I do…

I’m living the lifestyle that I love, I have no need to hate Mondays.

Can you say the same? 

Can you be on your schedule? Can you have a lunch date with your spouse, friends or partner during the workweek whenever you want? Can you slow down a bit to read the news or go for a run? Can you sleep in a bit sometimes?

I can. (Except for the running part, that’s not my jam. But good for you if it is!)

Can you?

If not, change that now. How? 

Well, you’ve probably already bought a course or two and maybe attended a seminar. I’m sure you’ve also checked out all the free learning out there from podcasts, like mine. 

So, you likely have enough knowledge. You’re letting fear hold you back. :-/

I get that too… fear held me back for 3 long painful years before I finally pulled the trigger. Thinking I wasn’t ready.

Alls you gotta do is take action on what you’ve learned and fail forward. Meaning, we all make mistakes, just learn from them so you avoid them in the future. Keep moving forward. It will get better and easier and less stressful and scary.

Take 1 step at a time…

The 4 main parts of REI are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Talking with sellers
  3. Making offers
  4. Following up

That’s it. Do those.

One more idea: get a coach or mentor.

I’m super passionate about coaching too. I love teaching and helping investors succeed. I even teach other people how to be coaches too! That’s how much I love all of that.

Look, I’m telling you… if I can do this, so can you. Get laser-focused and just do it.

Soon enough, you’ll love Mondays too.

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