Isn’t it interesting how sometimes the most seemingly mundane things can be so effective? 

I’m talking about bandit signs

Don’t roll your eyes! 

I know that many investors these days think bandit signs are old school and too bothersome. They think they make our industry look bad. They think they’re simply stupid. Or they don’t want to worry about possible hassles with the “sign police” (a.k.a. code enforcement). 

Do any of those describe you?

Well, just so you know, I’m still using bandit signs to sell properties. And they work! 🙂

If you’re not using them, you’re crazy! 

So, here’s how I use bandit signs in my business and how I avoid problems.

I have my people place them on Friday night, then they pick them back up on Sunday night. 


Because the code enforcement doesn’t work on the weekends. Aha! 

I consistently get twice as many leads with bandit signs than I do from Craigslist and Zillow.

And, my signs are ugly. They’re unique, so they get noticed. I know a guy who has bright pink signs and he’s killin’ it with them. Your sign needs to stand out and look different from all the others. I know another guy who’s sign says: “We buy houses with no equity.” And he’s also crushing it with those. 

Because bandit signs work!

Know what amazes me about these kinds of signs? It’s illegal to remove a political sign that’s been posted. But for us investors, it’s illegal to put our type of signs out. And, you can put a political sign in your yard… but it’s illegal to put a business sign in your own yard. 

Now I’m the one rolling my eyes.

That doesn’t make much sense… but it is what it is. Most communities have looser standards about signs and bigger crimes to go after.

So, don’t disregard or disrespect the law or local authorities… but use common sense.

And don’t stop using bandit signs. They do work.

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