I have a question for you: Do you ever waste leads?

If you think you have more important things to spend your time on than dealing with leadsyou’re right.

But just because you don’t have time, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

If you’re not using a system or if you’re careless and unorganized with your leads, that is NOT the way to run your business.

Please, try hard to make an offer on every lead that comes your way.

You could even train your VAs to deal with the leads and make the offers for you. (Like I do. 🙂

You should never leave a lead behind.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that:


  • Every time a seller calls (aka a lead) answer the phone.




  • Make an offer on every lead.


That’s how you make money in this business.

And the easiest, most efficient way to keep your leads organized is with a CRM, like Podio for example.

Get one now. TODAY.

Not only does it keep you organized, it tracks all your info and helps you build a database of buyers and sellers. Always keep track, people.


Here are 3 simple steps you need to eat, sleep and breathe for your leads:


  • Every lead goes into a CRM.


  • Every lead gets an offer.
  • Every lead is followed up on.



How do you send the offer?

Well, here’s the thing… about 80% of leads are not going to be motivated sellers.

BUTmany times those not-so-motivated sellers just need time to marinate a bit. They may not be ready yet, but they will want to sell eventually.

So you need to hound them…

And stay on top of them…

And focus on follow up.

I like to send an offer letter in the snail mail to all of my leads that come in.

Every. Single. Lead.

And all you need to do is find the property address, look up the owner’s address in the county records, then add them to your follow-up campaign.

And remember, these are tasks a VA can do…

We send the leads a 3-option letter of intent. This simply gives the seller choice, a few options… which helps you get your foot in the seller’s door.  🙂

The options can vary depending on the type of deal. And I use this strategy on deals below $75k – because those are deals I’ll typically sell to a landlord.

Usually, here’s what we send…

3 options:


  • Cash offer (based on 15% net ROI)


  • Seller financing (w/interest-only payments)
  • Principal-only payments



My point is this…

You spend time, effort and money to bring in those leads… so I’m a firm believer in sending offers to every single lead that comes in.

ALWAYS send an offer, every month. A letter, text, SlyDial… something.

And remember: whoever does the most follow up, makes the most money.

You can’t go broke making money. 😀

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