Watch this video about who Joe is and what he is most passionate about.  Also, see some interviews of clients that Joe has worked with recently.

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4 thoughts on “Who is Joe McCall?”

  1. Kathy Stewart

    I loved you podcast with Joe Fairless and was favorably struck by your references to God and important He is in your life. From there I visited your website, watched your video and saw/heard more of the same. My real estate investments include SFR’s, with plans to expand to multi family. I am an Executive planning to exit much as you did, to devote full time to real estate, have improved time control in my life for more time with my family, friends and continued service to God. I would like to speak with you by phone about how I might bring value to you in wholesaling, specifically the Dallas market, while open to others. You can reach me by my email address or at 925.963.3236. Blessings to you-I look forward to connecting.

    1. Joe McCall

      Kathy – Please contact my office and they can set up a time for us to chat – (888-930-3341)

  2. Tim Orcutt

    Love this. Found this thru Tom Krolls. Would love to get into real estate wholesaling at first to scale up to rental property. Contact Tim @859-534-1000

  3. I manage 500 properties in Houston and Austin. staff of 5. would like to work with my management company. I have rehabbed hpmes mike


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