Do you have a VA on your investing team? You SHOULD! You DEFINITELY should! They can do sooo many day-to-day tasks for you. I’ll get to that in a second, first… You can find legit overseas VAs with college degrees for just a couple bucks an hour. No, really, it’s true. Check out: I like the VAs I’ve found on Upwork. They’re really good for project-based work. But, I’ve also hired some full-time VAs from that site.  And, look into Virtual Staff Finder Okay, so now you’re wondering… what are some of the things a VA can do for your business? Um, A LOT!

  • Craigslist: texting or emailing landlords, asking if their properties are still available, offering to do lease options or seller financing
  • Section 8 or Zillow: send yellow letters to owners of rentals on those sites using Click2Mail
  • Public records: Search for evictions, judgments and liens in specific counties, and send a letter to the property owner — think about it, if someone has an outstanding judgment for unpaid utility or credit card bills, they may want to get out of their housing situation
  • HUD: research HUD homes and make offers
  • Realtor Connection: create soft offer letters, send them to a Realtor on your team, so the Realtor can send it out — usually, an offer from a Realtor to a Realtor, on behalf of the investor, gets great results
  • RedFin: search for properties on the market for over 60 days that need work, and send the listing Realtor an offer email

My point is that some of those tasks you might not pursue if you had to do them yourself or pay U.S. wages – so hire a VA to do them, which will yield leads. I mean, if you’re making — nope, if your VA — is 100 soft offers a day (which you should be doing!)… you can’t go wrong. You are going to land some deals.  Simple as that. 🙂

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