Want to know the very first thing I would do if I lost everything I’ve created in my business?

Cry? No.

Rob a bank? Nope.

Throw a pity party for myself? No way!

I’d take my lists of phone numbers and start calling. Every. Single. One.


Because it’s a surefire way to get deals.

I’m reminded of this because I just gave that very same advice to a client of mine who’s having a rough go of things.

But, he didn’t realize he was sitting on a gold mine! For real.

Check this out…

He had gathered a list of 500(!) contacts in his CRM (he happens to use Podio, which is also my fav). And that’s just from 1 market.

Sure, he collected some of those contacts over a year ago, but that friends, is still glistening 24-carat gold.

Most of the phone numbers he has are landlords… mostly from a previously-sent direct mail campaign to absentee owners.

See, I bucket landlord leads into 3 categories:

  • They have a house they want to buy
  • They have a house they want to sell
  • They’re completely out of the business

We can—and should—obviously work with the first 2…

So I told my client to get on the horn… and start calling 30, 40, even 50 of those contacts a day.

Does that seem like a lot of calls in one day?

If you think so, then ask yourself: How bad do you want this?

If you want this bad enough… Pick. Up. That. Phone. NOW!

Here’s what I’d say when calling:

“Hi, my name is Joe, you probably don’t remember me. I’m an investor; we talked a while ago. I’m looking to buy some properties, do you have anything that you want to sell? Or, do you know anyone who has a property they want to sell?”

If they say no…

“Well, are you looking to buy anything right now? You know, I come across properties all the time… some I want, some I don’t. Are you interested in me passing any of these good deals on to you?”

Now, out of the 500 leads my client has… do you think he’ll find 1 person who wants to sell and 1 person who wants to buy?


And probably even more than that…

So once you have a “Yes” from a buyer and a “Yes” from a seller… start matchmaking! That’s called wholesaling, friends. You find a property, get a contract on it, and then sell its contract to another investor.

I have thousands of leads from all the markets I’m investing in—and I guard them like they are an invaluable treasure—because they are!

Remember, if I lost everything… the first thing I’d do is go to my lists and start calling.

When you make enough phone calls, the numbers will work in your favor and you’ll get a “Yes” here and a “” there, all from people to wholesale deals to.

And make sure you are constantly adding to your list:

  • Realtors
  • wholesalers
  • property managers
  • investors

Get ALL the numbers! And always continue to market for good buyers. Then “shop” for what your buyers want vs. selling them what you have.

It really is simple: Start making those calls. Do this now to start making money and turning those old leads into gold.

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