So, from time to time, you’ll hear me encouraging investors to take the necessary steps to get their real estate license.

I’ve done podcast episodes about this and even wrote about it in these emails—check those out to learn why I think it’s super beneficial to have a Realtor’s license as an investor.

Okay—let’s say you do go ahead and get licensed (yay, good choice!)… then what?

What brokerage is best to hang your license?

As far as I’m concerned—and speaking from experience—one of the most important features to look for is a brokerage that’s investor-friendly.

Keller-Williams is definitely that.

I’ve been working with them for several years now, and there is no other brokerage on the planet that has the training, support and energy that KW has.

And because they’re so good at what they do, they are one of the largest and fastest growing firms in the country.

Here’s a huge reason why I think they are so awesome…

So, two guys started Keller-Williams: Gary Keller and Joe Williams. And Gary wrote two incredible books about investing: The Real Estate Investor and The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. I recommend you give those a read.

My point is, they know and understanding real estate investing.

And of all the brokerage firms I vetted and looked into… I found that Keller-William is the most investor-friendly brokerage.

So if you’re thinking about getting your real estate license or you just did—and you need a place to hang it—I suggest doing business with KW.

Just make sure that you are fully transparent with any brokerage; that you will also be doing other deals as an investor and you’re not going to do it through the brokerage.

The firm may ask for a small fee for letting you do that. I say:

  1. It’s all negotiable.
  2. It’s worth a small fee.

There’s got to be some give and take when you partner with a firm…

Think about this, their Realtors can likely bring you lots of good seller candidates for you to work with as an investor—deals the agents couldn’t do as traditional MLS transactions.

So, it’s a win/win.

You bring them business as a licensed agent and an investor, and they can give you deals too.

Keller-Williams—take a look at them today. And mention I referred you. 🙂

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