Okay—so if you’ve listened to my podcasts (like, ever) or read my emails, you know that there’s 1 subject that I talk about A LOT. 

And that is the need to take action. 

I’m probably never going to stop talking about this—because it’s that important.

But today, I’m coming at it from a little bit of a different angle. I heard this really smart saying on someone else’s podcast: 

“The speed of income is directly related to the speed of implementation.” 

In other words, how fast you make money is in direct proportion to how fast you implement things.

If you’re not doing any marketing or making offers, how many deals are you going to do and profit from.


Goose egg.



Don’t have a budget for marketing? NOT an excuse…

Hand write yellow letters. Send emails and texts. Put out bandit signs. Those are relatively cheap marketing methods or F.R.E.E.

See, you have to want it bad enough. And you have to take massive imperfect action.

Look, if you’re one of those people whose “action” plan is: ready, aim, aim, aim, aim… 

…but no fire. 

It’s gonna be a long time before you see any cash flow. Because there’s no action.

Your strategy needs to be ready, fire, aim.

That means, take action now—and learn from mistakes as you go. We ALL make mistakes. And that’s okay! Never be afraid of making mistakes. That’s how you learn better and how you refine your business model.

Fail forward fast.

Whatever you do, take action today.

Want to make money fast? 

Start implementing fast. Do what you can. Even if it’s small steps. Now.

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