Have you ever been bashed on Facebook?

Well, it happened to me recently. And it got me thinking…

So the topic of today’s email isn’t exactly a real estate investing tactic as much as it is how to win more in business and in life.

The formula is simple: be a more positive person.

Wag more, bark less. (Yeah, saw that on a bumper sticker.)

What does that mean to you?

Well, to me, it means we have so much to be happy and positive about, and we should stop looking at all the negativity out there.

We all need to a step back…

Get away from drama…

And take a break from social media – It’s. Just. So. Negative.

So here’s what happened on FB…

I was personally hit with some yucky negativity on Facebook. A hater was trashing me on FB, so I tried reaching out to him. I found his phone number and left him a nice voicemail asking him to call me so we could talk about.

I genuinely wanted to figure out what happened and work through it.

He never called me back.

Such is life.  

But it reminded me that we need to be accountable ourselves, right?

So, allow me to remind you that before you write something negative – step back – wag your tail and bark less.

Being negative doesn’t do anybody any good – nobody wants to see that… or hear it… or read about it.

Let’s all be more positive, including me.

See, like attracts like. If you’re positive it’s infectious…

When people ask how I’m doing, I don’t just say, “Eh, I’m fine.”

I smile say: “I’m doing awesome!”

And then I get to watch that person light up. It’s. The. Best.

Look, I get it – life is hard, this business is hard, there’s a lot of rejection and hearing ‘no’ constantly…

But let’s focus on putting ourselves in a positive frame of mind. It will do wonders for you… for those around you… for your family, colleagues and business.

You can't have a positive life with a negative mind.

Like good ole Willie Nelson says…

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.”

Wag more, bark less. 😉

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