So, a recent family vacation to Florida got me thinking about something I want to share with you…

While I was away, my real estate investing business continued to operate. Deals were still happening while I was chillin’ on the beach with my fam… pretty cool, right?

See, I remember back in the day when I was in Corporate America about how excited I was when I’d worked my way up to 2 full weeks(!) of vacation. And how bummed I felt when it was over, and when I’d used up all my personal days. 

It was so frustrating. :-/

Then I remembered back to when I’d just quit my J.O.B. to go full time in real estate investing… and how different it felt to go away on a trip… and then extend the time away if we chose to do that.

The difference was like night and day.

So, I want you to think about this…

The idea of living a lifestyle where you don’t really have to make a distinction between work and vacation.

Hear me out…

Yes, you still have to work hard to get your business going and you have to do some things to maintain it—but once you have systems in place, more and more of your time will be your time. Not the business’ time.

Get your face out of the computer screen—hire VAs to handle your CRM and marketing and offers and follow ups…

When you set up your business with simple systems, then outsource tasks and scale—you can wholesale deals while on vacation.

It’s a great goal to strive for. I’m actually doing it right now.

I think I’ll call that Vacation Wholesaling. 🙂 

Give it a go.

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