Testimonial 1

OK – this is really cool!  One of my coaching students, Chuck, from the awesome State of Washington, called me the other day with an awesome testimonial.  He just did his first deal and made an awesome $6,500!!!!

(Sorry – There is no better word I can come up with when a student of mine makes some money in this business!!!! – AWESOME!!!!  I get so excited to hear stories like this!)

How cool is that?  Here's proof…

Listen to this testimonial below…  It is really good and you will learn something really valuable from it.

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Testimonial 2

Here's another awesome testimonial from a Coaching Student, Whitney, that you have to listen to!


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Testimonial 3

And finally… here is ANOTHER awesome recorded testimonial with a Coaching Student, Bentley!


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2 thoughts on “Three Testimonials from Wholesaling Lease Option Clients”

  1. would like to know if this strategy works in Texas. Have been told it is illegal here in Texas. Is there a “work-around” for us here in Texas?


    1. Joe McCall

      Lease Options are not illegal in Texas. No one can show you the law where it says they are. Check out my buddy, John Jackson’s website. He has been doing lease options for years in Texas. http://www.TexasLeaseOptions.com


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