If I were to ask you to name 1 thing that is capable of killing any and all potential deals, what would your answer be? 

It’s not a trick question…

The answer is: TIME

It’s true. Time can kill all deals. 


Well, it’s because of speed. I’ve talked about this before… if you don’t quickly implement what you’ve learned and take action on it, you’ll never get anywhere. 

You’ll get stuck in analysis paralysis…

See, slow implementation in any phase of your business will cause you to lose momentum and motivation—which also allows self-doubt to creep in. 

The longer you wait to implement something, the harder it is to get started.

Let’s say you’ve sent out marketing and calls start coming in… if you don’t answer your phone or if you take too long to return voicemails from prospects, you’re gonna be shooting yourself in the foot. Bad. Both feet, actually. 

Check out this stat: You are 9x more likely to do a deal when you answer your phone or return a call within 1-2 minutes.

See: Time can kill your deals!

So, do what your competition is not doing:

  • answer your phone
  • talk to prospects (but don’t talk for too long, another way time will get ya)
  • send an offer right away
  • follow up (for 3-5 days in a row, then every week, then every month)
    • call
    • email
    • text
    • do ALL of them

And, don’t wait too long to market a property you’ve just gotten under contract. Time will get you that way too. 

Look, time is lost if you overanalyze. Just get the marketing out, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make an offer, you can always renegotiate later if it’s off. 

Done is the new perfect.

My saying is: take massive imperfect action. 

Just be aggressive in all the different phases of your business.

Know this: Your speed to income is directly proportional to your speed of implementation.

Don’t let time kill your deals.

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