Know what I love?


Yep, marketing has always fascinated me. I love finding out what’s working and then putting that into operation.

So, want to know my awesome marketing strategy? Finding buyers.

Really, that’s it…

For anyone who’s wholesaling houses: If you’ve read any of my emails or listened to any of my podcasts, you’ve heard me say this over and over… but I’m sayin’ it again:

This game is so much easier if you find your buyers first.

Let me say it again: The simplest, easiest way to wholesale houses is to find the buyers first. Create your buyers list first—then shop around for the types of deals they want.

It’s SOOO much easier to shop for what buyers want than to sell them what you have.

Think of this, too: when you have buyers, but other wholesalers don’t… guess what? They need you! Talk about a marketing advantage—they’ll start bringing those deals straight to you.

I’m telling you—from my own experience—focus on finding those buyers.

One segment I intentionally market to is out-of-state buyers—that is, people who’re living outside my opportunity market, but actively buying properties inside one of my target markets.

(Pro Tip: You can easily buy this data from

I send them a postcard… something like:

“Hey, are you looking for deals? We are the premier real estate investing company in [YOUR CITY]. I noticed you bought a property in [BUYER’S CITY], and if you’re looking for more deals, we have them. Call me at XXX.XXX.XXXX”

And for Pete’s sake—put your cell number on that postcard and, for crying out loud, please…

ANSWER. THE. PHONE. (Every time. You, or at least someone. PLEASE.)

See, the magic of this strategy is that if you have a solid buyers list, you don’t have to do any more marketing for sellers.


Because everybody else will want to bring you their deals.

All the newbies out there who just “graduated” from their high-dollar, hotel seminar from a fancy TV personality or something similar? Well, they all start out scrounging the market looking for sweet deals on properties, right?

But then, once they have them, how’re they gonna get buyers? If they’re trying to wholesale, which is the case for most people nowadays, it’s a pretty big learning curve at first.

Maybe they’ll have learned a little about marketing for some good buyers. Sure.

Or, if you’ve made yourself visible and connected with them as “the new hedge fund in town” or maybe “Hi, I’m Mr./Mrs. Moneybags… I’ve got a million dollars burning a hole in my pocket… got any good deals?”

Now you’re their first phone call when they have a hot one. And because you took a buyers-first approach and have your own sweet pot of people waiting on your call, you get to play their favorite matchmaker-middleman-millionaire.

Bottom line, when you have good buyers, people will want to bring you their deals.

The bottom line lesson I want you to take away here: Focus on marketing to buyers first.

It’s genius, I tell you.

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