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So, I have decided to really look at my investing business and simplify it

If you’ve been around me for a minute, you know that I preach getting back the basics (even wrote a book on it!), and it’s always good to do a tune-up on my own business from time to time.

When I say simplify, I mean focus on 1 thing and do that 1 thing well. Really well. Think about getting better before you get bigger.

My focus is on lease options. You know I love them. 


Because I can control really valuable real estate without owning it!

And, there’s just 3 simple profit centers for lease options too:

  • Cash now
  • Cash flow
  • Cash later

Want to know how else I simplified my work?

Well, I had a few different courses on lease options, and I combined them all into one. 

And, you know I’m a coach, I’m passionate about teaching REI. 

I LOVE seeing my students crush it because of something I’ve taught them. Makes me SO happy.

I had a few different coaching levels and tiers, and yep, you guessed it, I combined those into one level.


Shiny objects will ruin you. If you’re running in 20 different directions — you’re going to get nowhere, fast. :-/

Focus on 1 thing, kill it, then grow with one more thing. Repeat.

Pull back and simplify… because focus makes you rich. 

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