Are you being held accountable?

I mean… is someone holding your feet to the fire to make sure you’re marketing and making offers to build lead momentum?

If not—you definitely need someone like that. Now.

Momentum and accountability can affect your business both in a good way or a bad way. :-/

See, you’re responsible for getting your momentum going and for keeping it going… but you need someone to hold you accountable too.

So check this out, a fellow investor and friend of mine came up with something genius…

The 3 Ms:

  • Marketing
  • Momentum
  • Mentor

Here’s the thing…

Let’s say you send a direct mail postcard marketing campaign. Great!

But guess what: odds are, you’re not going to get a deal from that first campaign. (It’s possible, of course, but it’s all a numbers game.)

And odds are again, you could flounder and give up, crashing your momentum.

But, your mentor can come to the rescue and help get you back up for another campaign.

See how the 3 Ms all work together?

Bottom line: 

  • Don’t quit!
  • Don’t get discouraged!
  • Don’t make excuses!

Refuse to give up!

Sure, it can be hard at first… 

But once you begin marketing consistently and making 3-5 offers a day, you will gain momentum. 

And pretty soon, you’ll be rockin’ and rollin’… following up with every lead, sending an offer to every lead even if they said no on the phone…

And you slowly start to do deals.

Then, even more momentum builds.

And along with some helpful guidance from your mentor, you’ll be a bonafide investor.

Along the way, you become better at talking to sellers… better at negotiating… better at making offers—ALL of it.

See, at that point, you’ll have The Principle of Momentum on your side, which says that 35%–50% of your deals will come from follow up.

I often say: The fortune is in the follow up.

Because it’s true. Numbers don’t lie.

This works, people. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.

Keep marketing… build momentum… follow your mentor’s advice.

You got this. Start now, today.

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