Do you have a vision for what you want your life to look like?

So, a while back, Victoria (my wife) and I invested the time to write out our life vision. We wanted to create a written guide for the kind of life we want to enjoy living.

Among other things, it included traveling often as a family and seeing as much of the world as we can. Sometimes that means going to other countries, sometimes it means just driving around visiting fun places in the country in our RV.

We also like to volunteer, so we put that in our vision too. We’re active in our church and we want to go to places where we feel God might be sending us to make a difference. We also get to volunteer at an amazing kids camp in St. Louis called JUMP! It’s crazy awesome fun.

But the thought of taking just 2 weeks of vacation yearly in a corporate job, and having to ask for time off—not in our vision. :-/


We’re able to do all of this today because we created our vision and then designed an income and career around that vision.

See, things like this don’t happen by accident… we have to make them happen.

I remember hearing a very powerful recording of Steve Harvey in which he talks about finding and using your gifts to make your dream life become your reality.

I highly recommend you listen to Steve’s words yourself. You can easily take it in, as it’s less than 7 minutes long.

Here’s a direct link to it:

Here’s Cliff’s Notes version for you:

Every successful person in this world has jumped.

You cannot just exist in this life.

If you’re thinking there’s got to be more to your life—then believe there is and go after it.


All in.


First, identify your gift.

Discover what you excel at:

  • Talking to sellers?
  • Marketing?
  • Making offers?
  • Negotiating?
  • Rehabbing?
  • Writing yellow letters?

Once you ID your gift, take massive action. Now. Today.

See, when you see successful people soaring past you in life… it’s because they’ve identified their gift and they’re taking action.

The only way to soar is to jump.

If you never jump, you never fall, you never really risk anything.

But you also never get a chance to really soar.

You have to jump off the cliff with a parachute,  and then pull the cord…

Now, your parachute might not open all the way at first—you’ll have to work hard and fail forward. Expect to hit the rocks on your way and maybe even hit the bottom before you figure out how to really start soaring.

Learn from your mistakes… but to learn from them, you have to be willing to make some mistakes, and then keep going.

Enlist a mentor to help guide you.

If you keep pushing through—eventually—your parachute will open ALL the way as you find success.

What is your gift?

Now go after it.


And again, strongly recommend you listen to Steve’s message yourself—you’re welcome 🙂

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