Hey, are you thinking that there’s some magical secret to being a successful investor?

Well, you’ll be happy to know there isn’t.


No special sauce.

No magic beans.

No genie granting you wishes/deals.

All it really is, is a boatload of marketing… and following up. The fortune is in the follow-up. I’ve cashed those checks. Lots of ‘em.

Check this out…

I had a lead that was 21 days old in a remote market (we’re in St. Louis and the lead was in Jacksonville, FL).

So I followed up with the seller, who was more motivated 3 full weeks later than he was when we first spoke.


But here’s what really sealed the deal…

For the seller, my business partner created a short and sweet video explaining the 1-page contract with Screencast-o-matic… which costs nothing and you should totally try out yourself by the way. 🙂  

He literally had the contract up on his screen and walked and talked through it so the seller had an understanding of all the details.

The seller clicked the video link in the email we sent him, gained understanding plus some warm fuzzies for the personal aspect of hearing us talking to him in the video.

This not only built trust but credibility too, and just like that the deal was done.

And it all happened because (i) we were mindful to actually follow up, and (ii) we used a nifty tool, for fast, free screen recording to make it personal, even though we’re hundreds of miles away.

That brief video was pretty effective, wouldn’t you say?

Consider: How could using this type of video enhance or amplify your real estate business endeavors?

Oh, and I should mention one more thing… follow up!  🙂

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