Hey Guys! I just wanted to write something up that is real important…

We were talking to a friend last night from Denver on our Podio coaching call. Denver is a very competitive city. Jason is on his way to over $120,000 in wholesaling profits in the last few months. He's crushing it…

Do you want to know why?

Several reasons… Pay attention…

1) He is focusing on just 2-3 of the hottest zip codes in his market. He is laser focused. Because his market is so focused, he can only send about 700 postcards a week. And he is only getting less than a 1% response rate. (Many people would freak out about that… But hold on…)

2) He has a really strong buyers buyers list, and has a great relationship with them. And guess what? These buyers are paying top dollar for his properties – near retail.

3) He answers his phone! (Hello?!) Because he knows these zips so well and what his buyers want, and because he is only getting a few calls a day, he understands the importance of every lead. He wastes no time playing phone tag with sellers, making them leave a message and jump thru a bunch of hoops. Drop the voice mail. Answer your phone! No one else is doing that in your market.

4) He always makes offers on every house. He makes tons of offers.

5) He relentlessly follows up with every seller that calls.

Do you think you're in a competitive market? Do you want to know the secrets to success in the wholesaling business? Here it is…

  • Stay focused.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Have a strong buyers list. (Or partner with a wholesaler who has a strong buyers list).
  • Answer your phone.
  • Talk to sellers.
  • Make tons of offers.
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up.

That's all there is to it.

No go out and make it happen! You don't have any more excuses.


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3 thoughts on “The 5 Most Important Secrets To Success When Wholesaling Properties In Competitive Markets”

  1. Ejaz

    Very well said Joe. This is what (at least) I need. Instead of blaming on others and the market conditions, should strive hard, work hard and one should be on his way to succeed!

  2. Shannon Keating

    Thank you for this post today. Sometimes I need a little bit of jolt to wake me up to the simple key points for success. Your blog did that for me today. Excuses melt away when I look at your list to follow.

    Thank You…and thanks to Jason too. Sharing his story, his focus, and his results are a huge help to me on this Monday!

    Bon Voyage!!


    1. Joe McCall

      Thanks, Shannon!


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