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It’s been wonderful how things have come together.

James Medina

 It’s been a great program!

Jim Kirshbaum

It’s definitely a game changer to us!

John Smart

If you haven’t got the course get it right now. It’s gonna be worth it! 

Jude Dauphin

Great course! Joe lays out everything from A-Z, step by step! 

Lincoln Tudor

The program has given me the confidence to take that step.

Melvin Hill

You showed me the light on Lease Options!

Pete Belden

It is definitely a big plus and bonus to my business.

Ricardo Gerena

This course will add many thousands of dollars to my income this year for sure!

Rodney Samuels

You provide such great value for us real estate investors.

Roger Burzanko

A lot of Good stuff! Bonuses for you to succeed!

Ryan Schwab

Give some much information!! Thank you!

Sandra Clemens

Thank you, Joe McCall! Your Z Code is Z Best!!

Scharri Madsen

elped me speak more intelligently to sellers and systemize my lease option business model.

Tim Williams

Enjoyed the videos!

Wendy Coffman

he most amazing training I’ve experienced yet.

Daughn-Alan Ward

I hired my VA and within 7 days, I have a $20k deal locked up.

Beau Hollis

Thank you so much for revealing everything Joe!

Amy Walling

Great stuff Joe. Thanks.

Wayne Wymore

Joe McCall keeps it simple. 

Terrence Leyden

Rocking and rolling and keeping that momentum going!

Gaege Root

The information is great eye opening.

Andre Cole

I’m looking forward to being a new student, I really believe in you as a person as a mentor and as a guru.

Richard McLemore

It’s been wonderful, I’ve learned so much!

William Harried

Thanks for all the examples. That really help.

Quinton Richardson

I really appreciate Joe as a teacher, and I appreciate the integrity that he has working with his students.

Ron Metcalf

It’s incredible across the board. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Wayne Rice

Listened to your presentation, and it was well worthwhile. Thanks a lot. 

Marvin Tye

I love his style and it’s incredible information that he gives out.

Fraklin Hall

You always bring it plenty of actionable information that’s relevant right now today.

Andre Richardson

Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep listening and getting the nuggets from the show. 

Greg Helbeck

I’m looking to work with you in the future.

Jeffrey B. Cohen

This is a great course. I appreciate it.

Bob Sadaai

Joe, I’m really enjoying your courses.

Thomas Aldridge

Looking forward to working with you in the future. Thanks very much.

Rich D.

You’ll learn more, you’ll make more money. Love you, Joe. 

Benjamin Storie

I’m a big fan. I followed what you said to do and it does work.

Matt Giegerich

His stuff is better than some of the stuff I pay for.

Stephan Taylor

I’ve learned a lot. Looking forward to complete the training.


Given me a lot of good information!

Gabriel Hausauer

It’s just a no brainer if you’re looking to scale your business and stop grinding so much.

Juan Bal

Loving the automated wholesaling.

Isaiah Farrar

Wow! A lot of videos. A very comprehensive plan.

Dave Fredrickson

One of the best courses that I’ve taken.

Charles Wilson

The Simple Lease Options course is definitely a winner. I highly recommend it.

Thomas Aldridge

So it was just it was just life changing. Thank you!

Shelley Benton

I will settle for nothing less than a win.

Wesley Estrada

I really appreciate it. And I look forward to making more deals.

Shefali Bhimani

Definitely recommend it! Good luck to you!

Jesse Lena

We’re so excited to be able to take our business to the next level.

Wayne Moon

It’s just I loved it because it’s just one more strategy that I’m taking advantage.

Vicente Lopez-Perea

Thank you for all the great info. and I look forward to message you when I get my first deal off of everything you taught us today. 

Timothy Hales

I can’t believe all the things that you put out here today.
It’s really been appreciated.

Tim Buckley

Five stars two thumbs up. I appreciate it. Joe.

Suzanne Byrd

Just got done with the course. Loved it.

Steven Drake

It was fantastic.

Susan Rickerby

Watching your content today. Great content, dude. Deal and all that.

Steve Hall

Looking forward to working with you in the future. Thanks very much.

Rich Musco

Closed on one deal today for $10K!!

Phillip Marsh

If you can’t find a nugget or two of actionable information from Joe McCall seminar then you weren’t paying attention.

Paul Bianchi

My recommendation is to get on board with Joe’s program at whatever level you can and get started.

Patrick Yancy

It was awesome, awesome training!

Michael Biggs

That’s great and fantastic information.

Matthew Edelen

Through this course, I have learned a lot from marketing to systems.

Gabriel Danquah

Training is awesome.

Lowana Navarro

Appreciate it. 

Kevin Montague

Oh wow! That was a great awesome training man.

Kenway Williams

Great master class today.

Justin Ng

Looking forward to learning more and hope to talk to you soon. 

John Hamilton

      Great course! Great information!

David Glover

I found the motivation to be able to send out offers and do your marketing. 

Jeffrey Jackson

Appreciate it and can’t wait to hear more. 

Guido Nordmann

          Highest recommendation!

Bill Lane

Joe knows what he is talking about. 

Bill Kennedy

I hired my VA and within 7 days, I have a $20k deal locked up. 

Beau Hollis

 Nice Mind Map, and lots of resources.

Walter Patterson

It was really good. I learned a lot. 

Taurus Thompson

I’m just ready to go out there and get some marketing done.

Raphael Coto

Lots of information between you and Tom, back and forth.

Pete McKesson

Your knowledge is just really on time.

Gladys Imani Leonard- Funderburk

It was a very good video and very good session. 

George Varghese

I want to say thanks so much for the content, it’s been great.

Robin Hurt

The role playing and evaluation afterwards was especially beneficial for me.

Joi Gist

It has been a huge change in my life and in my investment life. 

Archie Ocloo-lee

I have done a lot of digital stuff before but this truly is very comprehensive.

Derek Andrjeski

I’m so glad that I did this program. Thank you and I highly, highly recommend it.

Shefali Bhimani

Amazing course and I would highly recommend his course to anyone wanting to learn to invest in real estate.

Paul Swales

Everything you need from CRM/Systems is just complete.

Rikk Labere

I really enjoyed the course there was some really good information out of there.

Mark Davis

I was really impressed with how the course was laid out. It was awesome. 

Sue Pustay

It is simple, it’s intuitive, and the way that structure is so easy to follow.

Veneda Polite

And Joe’s course helped us to do more in terms of leads.

Justin Danforth

I was able to sell and talk about the numbers better once I took the course. 

Pete McKesson

It is very thorough and you have all the tools you need. 

Greta Kaveny

Happy to have finally found a course that will give you the details to the information.

Regina Harris

I love the nine-point seller interview. 

Timothy Hales

Closing on two deals this week and 2 next week so far.

Gregory Hodges

Packed with resources. And the support system and group is like no other.

Corey Milton

Thank you so much for the course. I appreciate everything.

Paul Miranda

I am getting outside of my comfort zone. I now understand that this is business and not personal.

Nikki Privitera

I recommend it. It has been a huge help to propel me forward and just act.

Henry Naas

I learned a ton. It is really an amazing system.

Michael Schwartz

I believe there is something for everyone in this course.

Andrew Black

I really learned a lot from it. It really helped my business.

Jai Yoon

This has been by far the best course that I’ve ever gone through.

Mark Boese

Definitely look forward to making some money with things that I’ve learned and the offers that I’ve made.

Rick Duan

Excellent job of breaking things down into small sections and making it easy to process.

Adam Hobson

Really enjoyed the program.

Brad Robinson

Chock full of information. I can’t recommend it enough.

Troy Warling

It’s packed with actionable steps that students could never know on their own.

Dan Klahre

I encourage anyone that wants to do this business and make the money that they deserve to get involved with Joe McCall.

Sharon Cooper

          The training was awesome.

Greg Larkin

Was the best value for the money invested

Tonya Case

It’s a great program! 

Richard Guill

                Tremendous Value!

Adam Hobson

I really enjoy your programs so much. It’s helped me immensely.

Geri Miller

I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve given me all the information on computers. 

Geri Miller

I learned how to make offers… something I had no idea how to do before. I am now more comfortable talking to people on the phone.

Harry King

Joe stayed extra long to make up for those inconveniences was well worth the effort.

David Johnstone

It’s just a brilliant process.  

Sharon Cooper

I can hardly believe that this excellent course, one of the best I have ever done.

Mike Johnson

Joe McCall has a tremendous depth of knowledge regarding real estate investment.

David Chrisman

Really, really good. Thanks 

Rafael Nava

I was doing it with all the help I needed. 

Nabeelah Muhammad

I will make this a full-time career with your mentorship.

Calvin Jackson

Pretty good so far.

Paul Lionetti

         This is amazing. It’s fascinating.

Bob Negron

If you plan on doing this challenge just do it.

Amy Ellis

I learned a lot. He shared some gold nuggets that are going to be really valuable in our business.

Gay Lloyd

I just wanna say thank you five stars. Love it. Keep it up, Joe.

Bill Quigley

Discovered that we were capable of doing a whole lot more than we thought.

Dax Vincent

It was worth much more than what it costs us.

Barbara Caporal

One thing that Joe talks about that is very important is to make an offer. 

Lyn Dyson

I like the way he talked about the wholesaling about getting VA.

Sonya Holmes

It’s really incredible. Check it out.

Shaun Becker

I would recommend this!

Antonio Bullock

This one just pieced everything together as far as marketing goes for buyers and sellers.

Ryan Thompson

It’s a great program!

Richard Guill

There were so many golden nuggets that you gave out.

Kimberly Brown

Rundell R Testimonial

Rundell Ramsay

There’s just a ton of good stuff.

Robert Lukasiewicz

I’ve been able to set up my business and to prepare for my upcoming retirement

Belinda Kenny

Glad that I had the opportunity of following up with Joe on his free training 10 days series.

Nicola Wright

Taught me, how to market not only my business but myself as an investor.

Derek Baldy

Rick F Testimonial

Rick Farmer

I’m so glad that I joined this course.

Simran Atwal

Thank you very much for everything that you’ve done for me. 

Harold Matthews

This program pop up as an opportunity has been really beneficial.

Daniel Bechman

I am looking forward to implementing it. Joe is a great teacher.

Greg Thenn

I just closed my latest deal today. This will be about a $14,000 assignment.

Yussef Gilkey

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to do a lease options program.

Alessandro Giambelli

These guys are great!

Robb Councilor

One of the best courses that I have taken online. It was the missing piece for my business. 

Ronald Daley

I am so grateful and so happy I was on the Saturday call.

Sagirah Young

Everything they tell you is working out perfectly.

Gary Colaprico

I’m loving this course. So good.

Kevin Scott

Joe gave some great ideas on how to find buyers.

Frank Hopkins

Finally, I found the right track to continue with my business and everything I learned in the program has been so much beneficial for me.

Paola Arenas

Five stars two thumbs up. I appreciate it. Joe.

Suzanne Byrd

Gives you way more information than you think you’re going to get.

Timothy Leger

This is awesome to implement!

Randy Sundquist

It is 100% worth the investment.

Mario Islas

I just closed my latest deal today. This will be about a $14,000 assignment.

Yussef Gilkey

I am super appreciative of what you’re doing in your business and passing on some of the tricks of the trade. 

Keith Murray

Joe has a CRM, that’s just incredible. And it’s it automates everything for you. 

Karen Massoglia

Thumbs up for me!

Bill Myers

The course is mind blowing!

Renee Monegain

I’m the winner. Thanks Joe.

Shawn O'connor

He’s not leaving anything out and he takes the time and explains everything.

Kevin Evers

The program is thorough and better than any other program out there.

Daniel Bechman

You did a great job and recovery like and as Gabby would say, You nailed it.

Ed Banovatz

Such a great program.

Earle Harrison

Hey, just standing out here. Sunshine, wanted to say thank you to Joe McCall.

Franklin P.

All in all very interesting, very informative.

Joe McCullagh

I’m gonna keep listening to Joe McCall because he knows his stuff.

Darrell Meisberger

Full of great information and useful tidbits like these two charts.

Nick Johnson

Overall, this was well worth my investment.

Ross Davis

So I’m super, super excited about that, but I appreciate the ability to be able to use it. Thanks a lot. Great job!

Austin Toft

Hey Joe great course awesome, great content, great information.

Gene Rutzler

Joe has given a lot of great information, a lot of value in and I really appreciate what he’s doing.

Cameron Ure

He has so much knowledge, practical knowledge and he’s a fantastic educator.

Ronnie Baras

It was the best thing ever!

Ester Tellez

Our man has great information.
It’ll get you started, got to take action, take notes, pay attention and go out there and take action. Stuff Works! 

Patrick Speller

Thank you so much to Joe and Gavin for this Simple Lease Option Course.

Shivanie Baksh

I wish everyone nothing but the successes you all aspire for and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to have crossed paths with you.

Derek Baldy

So I really I really say thank you, Joe, and I appreciate what they are doing for us.

Kwaku Akom

I learned so much, and I recommend this to everyone!

Richard Biehl

You are the most honest, kind, generous person ever! Many blessings to you guys.

Dee Light

I love his Team. I love Gavin, I love REI Simple! I recommend it to evenyone!

Paula Cross

It’s definitely worth the investment!

Bryan Deane

He’s been very upbeat, very convincing, and he’s taught me a lot. 

Chanel Crawford

Joe’s lease option program is probably the most comprehensive one that I’ve seen available.


Michael Thomas

Keep keep working the process and thanks again.

Adam Zach

I think we have a lot of room to learn about real estate and this course is one of the best options!

Diana Lopez

You gave me a systematized business in a box model.

Adrian Hines

Makes $2,000 in 2 Hours


Rod Rollins

100 deals in the last 12 Months


Rick Hein

An Immediate improvement on phone calling performance . I was getting more sellers…

Peter Ledger

           Joe McCall is the BOMB!!!

Patti Royster

One of the biggest eye-openers…

DePaul Foxworth

Highly Recommend Joe. Your The man!

Steve Cook

              Fantastic Technique!

Wendy Patton

Fast Start Guide: 0 to Offer.

Tyler Ashbaugh

Great Coaching and Proven Success.

John Smart

Completed Our First Lease Option Deal.

Toni Wade

A New Tool For My Belt.

Jeff Martin

Highest recommendation.

Bill Lane

Keeping it simple can get the phone to ring.

Skip Raymond

I highly recommend any and all of Joe McCall’s courses.


Incredible Strategy.

Keith and Shannon French

Very impressive! The contents are really good and very organized.

Reed Lattin

Such a thorough program!

Deana Williams

Joe’s a Good Guy “He does what he says”.

John Hyre

             Quick Implementation.

Tim Hodges

Grateful for you Joe!

Christopher Mukes

System did it for me. It’s Well Worth It!

Justin Patterson

         Driving home with $7,995!

Tom Kroll

You’ll Better Understand!

Tony Ristaino

Everything that Joe, Gavin and his team kinda help us keep going and hit the ground running.

Jack Seals

Excellent job of breaking things down into small sections and making it easy to process.

Adam Hobson

Unique and Simple Way to make money.

Shaun McCloskey

Earned $5,000 on a garbage lead!

Brandon Simmons

Invaluable… I could look over Joe’s shoulder…

Michael Blythe

Easy Lease Option on $500k Personal House – No Money Down

Carl Randal & Brian Trippe

I did 3 deals last month.

Dave Gerlach

      Great Value In This Course!

Lyn Dyson

Joe’s Systems Make the Difference.

Wendy Federer

One of your Pillars to Success in Real Estate Business 

Mike Sumsky

     Mind blowing Coaching Training!

Beatrice Gicharu

From Social Meeting to Working Buddy 🙂

Trey Smith

One of your Pillars to Success in Real Estate Business 

Jason Palliser

Got a Deal Done In Just a month!

Eddie Kearns

Great Coaching Workshop!

Antonio Douglas

The concept is so straight forward and simple, it’s amazing.

Eric Jones

Having my first check for $25,093…“Work smart not hard”.

Ronnie Jones

Joe doesn’t hold anything back.

Chuck Lidtka

The Trustworthy Man. 

Chris Marshall

My wife and I really like your course.

Gene and Valerie Rollin

A total assignment fee of $6,750 out of a Zillow FSBO. Thanks Joe.


Excellent job of breaking things down into small sections and making it easy to process.


            Adam Hobson

I would highly recommend Joe and his courses!!

Kathleen Manganaro

Having my first check for $25,093…“Work smart not hard”

Ronnie Jones

Tremendous Value!


         Murat Tekbilek

A total assignment fee of $6,750 out of a Zillow FSBO. Thanks Joe.

Yolander Voney

I believe that it is the best lease Options course that I have taken at. Just the Details its a phenomenon.

Cheryl Ballard

We also signed up for the REI Simple, which is a wonderful program. I think everybody who is doing lease options should have that.

             Teresa Long

Interviews With Clients

Richard Roop

Josh Howard

Sandra Ostrander

Cornelius Charles

REI Nolan

Phil Marsh

Even More Student Success & Testimonials

1.5 months after I started the program

– Melvin H 

“$1,500, It’s just absolutely amazing

– Thomas A

“$34,000 and $18,000 *My First and Second Checks*… This is Awesome!”

Terrance N

“Just a Little Motivation!!! $33,000 check”

Matt H

Deal Checks of almost $20,000 This Month

“Before I knew it, this happened – 4 Checks and Still Counting!”

Philip M

“#MassiveActionTaker.. First Deal, First Check $13,346.75!!!”

Mark P

“First Lease Option Deal and Made $5,000”

Katherine A

“First Deal, A Close Deal. I made $5100! (System Success)”

Randy S

“$6,453.50 Check on it’s way”

Tim N

“Just a Little Motivation!!! $33,000 check”

Malik J

“I got 2 Checks this week”

Michael M

“St Louis deal w/ Jeremy for $1,000”

Deal Check for $14,173

– Phil M

– Stephen J 

Deal Check for  $934.44

Deal Check for $1,312.50

Deal Check for $4,750

Deal Check for over $13,000

Deal Check for over $6,453.50

Deal Check for $6,793

Deal Check for $3,653

Deal Check for $1,054

“$36,500 this past week”

Deal Check for $4,000

Deal Check for $5,670.85

Deal Check for $4,811

Deal Check for $1,687.50

Deal with Rick Hein for $7,700

Deal Check for $1,500

“Deal with Rick for $2,000”

“Deal Check for $2,000”

Deal Check for $1,607.75

Deal Check for $1,477.82

Deal Check for $2,647.54″

Deal Check for $2,500

– Matt R

“Loving life, God and Lease options”

– Corey W

“Awesome Weekend.. First Deal from Barcelona!”

Phil M

“Closed My First Deal for $6,000 Profit”

Robert M

“No Doubt and fear thru the Guidance of Experienced. Got The first Deal!”

Amir Saul G

“2 to 5 Wholesale Deals a Month!”

Charles T

“First Wholesale Experience I made over $61,000!!!”

Laura S

“Incredibly Easy Investing strategy. Got my 1st deal & soon completed the 2nd deal..”

Sandra Dorsey O

“The Earlier the Better (Do not Let Success Pass you By)”

Frank M

“2 deals this month. $22,000”

Roland P

Russ S

“$4,300 for 10 hours of work”

Corey W

– Robert F

– Rob G 

Spencer S

– Mo A 

“We also signed up for REI Simple which is a wonderful program. I think everybody who is doing lease options should have that.”

Teri L

“Just closed. $32,800… Lease Options Work!”

Larry G

– Shelley M

“Net $ 5,000 on an MLS House”

Spencer S

“Twice in a Row… ($66,707.12)”

Peter W

“Deal Check for $8,811.60”

“Three Properties Totaling $14,000”

“6 House Package Sold!…And Now Close deal for $7,000.00!”

Allison and Patrick L

Deal Check for $5,000 with another $6,500 coming

“$4750.00 from Automated Wholesaling”

Anthony P

“$1,250.00… Such a Great News”

Bob K

“System’s Win…$1912 from My 1st Wholesale Deal!”

David D

“5 years in the business, with Several deals.”

Adam O

Deal check for $13,500

Brad T

“First Deal was $18,985”

Marco R

“$$$ 3750 on my Check!!!”

Jay A

“$5,000 Assignment Fee… Makes my Weekend Nicer!”

Roland P

– Josh J 

Deal Checks for $33,000

Deal Check for  $1,500

Deal Checks for over $14,000

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $7,000

Deal Check for $1,500

Deal Check for $1,028.35

“Consistent Deal Flow”

Deal Check for $8,500

Deal Check for $4,074.36

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $15,975.50

Deal Check for $2,000

Deal Check for $1,244.50

Deal Check for $2,827.50

“Deal Check for $25,093”

Deal Check for $1,834.50

Deal Check for $6,453.50

“I fired my boss today.”

– Ian K

“Grateful for Joe!”

– Michael A

“Doing very well…”

Janice and Russell L

“Got the Deal Locked UP!”

Stephen C

“Wow!! $5,000 profit is waiting for me from my First deal..”

Nelson Andres P

“New Record… Wholesaled at 92% of ARV.”

Brian L

“F-R-E-E-D-O-M !”

Philip M

“First Lease Option Deal :)”

Victor P

“Do you have a 7 streams of Income? If not, you Should!”

David D

“Most Rewarding Year Ever.”

Jeff H


Steven L

“$12,000 Option Payment”

Michelle O 

“I learned a lot about lease options and even more about my computer.”

– Cheryl B

“$4,420 first lease option deal”

– Ryan S

– Jim K

“After 3 Weeks…I Started Marketing…then, I Got this $1,000.00”

Sean S

Matt B 

“Gaining $8,500…First Deal”

Ed L

“8 Deals Since Getting Joe’s Course”

“$3000 for My First Lease Option”

Rob W

“Just Recently I Earned $7,375.00… Thanks Joe.”

Glenn M

Deal Checks of over $10,000 This Month

“$5,000.00…From Waiting to Winning (Just in Time)”

Trent W

“$4,200, First Check I Got! (With Right People and Right Resources)”

Joel C

“3 Wholesale Deals in 30 days totalling $15,000!”

Katherine A

“$36,500, 2 Checks in the Same Deal”

Alfonso I

“For just Six Weeks, we Got our First Check for $2,500”

Kristine H

Deal Check for $12,500

– Matt B

– Murat T 

– Pepe C

Deal Check for $1,134.45

Deal Check for  $5,000.50

Deal Check for $15,000

Deal Check for over $14,000

Deal Check for $6.561

Deal Check for over $1,912

Deal Check for $3,500

Deal Check for $10,000

“Another $5,000 Deal”

Deal Check for $10k

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $1,898.50

Deal Check for $1,832.97

Deal Check for $13,436.75

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $10,845.57

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $4,000

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $10,000

Deal Check for $1,610.68

“93 Offers While Traveling.”

– Peter L

“Just closed my first deal!!”

– Deana W

“Impressive Knowledge in Wholesaling business…”

– Tom K

“Grateful For all I have learned and continuously learning!”

Kristy D

“All warm and cold Offers”

Billy A

“Closing on 2 Deals Next week”

Gregory H

“Doing Deals at the Beach with Family”

Corey L

“Made my first Check with wholesaler @ $4,000”

Jason J

“Made my first Check with wholesaler @ $4,000”

Jason J

““75 Deals in 10 different states”, It’s all because you Inspired Me to do the Business!!”

Casey C

“23 DEALS that first year”

Josh J

“Total Profit From 1 Deal = $28,648.20 – Thanks a lot for the tools and trainings!”


“$1.5M Deal… this is the Story of My First Fix/Flip.”

Jesse W

“Thanks for All You’ve Done, Joe”

“VA Off & Running!”

Gary P

– Patsy W 

– Matt T 

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