Hey there – I have something important to share with you today…

So, those of you who read my emails or listen to my podcasts know that I emphasize marketing above all else in your business. 

When the marketing stops, your business stops. 

But there are SO many moving parts to marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You feel like one of those jugglers in the circus with dozens of plates spinning on top of the sticks. How many plates can you keep spinning? How hard are you working, but still nothing is getting accomplished?

Well, for a successful business, you do have to have lots of things going at once—you do need 3–4 different types of marketing campaigns going at the same time. 

See, you can’t control exactly how many deals you do each month. But, you can control how much marketing you do, how many yellow letters, postcards and texts you send out, how many sellers you talk to, how many offers you make…

You can control those marketing strategies when you break them down into components or silos.

But here’s the real beauty: Yes, you need to be running several marketing campaigns all at one time—YOU just don’t have to be the one to manage them all. (Aha!)

First, create 1 workable silo system. Just 1. 

Once you perfect that 1 system, train a VA to do it and let them take it over—outsource and delegate. There’s your first silo. Only then should you move on to the next.

Here’s what I mean…

Write down the complete instructions for how to carry out—from start to finish—a direct mail campaign with yellow letters for rentals on Zillow in a specific zip code and price range. Then, record yourself going through the steps. Then hand it off to your VA. 

Done and done.

With that marketing silo 100% complete, now you can move on to create the next marketing silo—which you’ll then hand off to that VA or another VA. And on and on…

That’s how you grow your business. The marketing has to get done, always—without you and in spite of you.

This is the marketing business, not the real estate business.

Just remember: simple, systems, scale — in that order.

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