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So, I was digging around in some of my old stuff the other day and came upon a set of notes that I had made while taking a real estate investing course. 

These notes showed me that the course was great and the coach was great—but I was filled with fear, which manifested in excuses. :-/

Can you relate?

Well, I had forked over a lot of money for this course, but when I failed to close any deals by the time I completed it, I felt like a real loser. But looking at those notes now, I see that the tasks the coach assigned were right on and what’s more… they were simple

They’re actually the same things I now teach my own students and coaching clients. They’re not complicated tasks…

The problem was me. I failed to take action.

Well, it took me a hot minute (read: 3 years), but I finally followed through on the steps needed to do a deal. And guess what? It worked. I took action and deals began happening.

And that’s exactly why I keep encouraging you: Just do it! 

No more “what if?” No more “yeah, but.” 

Take imperfect action each day. Then… refuse to quit.

I get it… there are so many unknowns, there’s some risk, it’s scary. I was afraid to take that leap…

Fear was holding me back. Fear froze me. Don’t let that happen to you.

We can’t blame the course or the coach or people who aren’t supporting you in your REI endeavors or anything else… it’s on you. Own it. 

Fail forward. We actually learn best from our mistakes.

Keep it simple, folks. These are the only 4 things you need to focus on to make this work:

  1. Marketing
  2. Talking to sellers
  3. Making offers
  4. Following up

People who make excuses are not successful. Don’t be that person. 

Be like Nike: Just do it.

Take action. You got this.

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