Hey there—question for ya…

What makes the difference between a

successful investor who does deals and an unsuccessful one who doesn’t?

As far as I’m concerned, it’s super simple.

No, really…

Successful investors make a lot of offers.


So, the argument could be: Well, successful investors are really skilled at talking to sellers.

That’s true.

But guess what?

They wouldn’t have any sellers to talk if they weren’t making offers. Yup.

And, successful investors do lots of marketing—that’s how they’re able to make so many offers.

When I’m coaching my clients and students, I always ask this question: How many offers did
you make this week?

The answer should be 5 a day.

Someone who’s complaining that this isn’t working or their market is too competitive; their
market is too hard; wholesaling doesn’t work anymore—those are NOT the problems.

It’s not the city.

It’s not the market.

It’s not the competition.

It’s not anything else…

It’s that they’re not making enough offers.

Just make offers.

5 a day.

Now do some deals.


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