Okay, today I want to share a specific idea with you. It’s some good thought-provoking inspiration I picked up from a podcast.

Let’s talk about excellence.

See, I believe human nature makes it easy to tear down people or businesses… any institution that’s at the top. You’ve noticed this, I’m sure. It makes people feel better to complain and talk trash.

But it certainly doesn’t make us look better. It makes us look so much worse, actually. :-/

We need to stop doing that. All of us. Me included.

Instead of slinging negativity and boo-hooing about what we don’t have: Focus on being excellent at what you do. 

Go above and beyond. That’s the answer.


Well, consider these simple J.O.B. ideas:

  • Get to work 15 minutes early.
  • Don’t start packing up for the day 30 minutes before it’s time to leave.
  • Return phone calls when you say you will.
  • Show up on time and prepared for meetings.

You want someone to see you doing those things and think: ‘What he/she’s doing is so good, I’m going to do that too.’ 

Take positive actions that people would want to emulate. 

I’ll out myself…

So, back when I had my regular 9-5, I did not have a spirit of excellence. I definitely wasn’t giving 110% to my employer. Heck, not even 100%. Maybe 90%? I was getting the job done, but only doing the bare minimum. 

I wasn’t representing myself or my faith, like I should have. I certainly admire and respect people who do.

Think about this… 

Are you excelling in your REI business? 

You need to take a hard look at yourself. I’m willing to bet for many of you, that if your real estate business was someone else’s company, like a regular job, you’d be fired from it.

You must excel. 

Ask yourself these Qs:

  • Do you answer the phones live when leads call?
  • Is your direct mail the best?
  • When you talk to sellers in person, are you looking put together and professional?
  • Is your office clean and organized?

Look you’ve got to be more excellent in what you do. In every aspect of your business and your life.

It’s worth the extra effort.

Go be excellent.

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