So, something I say all the time to my students and coaching clients has made some of them upset…

Okay, I get A LOT of questions from these guys, which is why I’m here, yes, but here’s the thing—it’s question after question… SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. Some of which are totally irrelevant. :-/

So in response to their endless questions, sometimes I’ll simply say:

“Hang on, why are you asking so many questions? Have you really had a seller ask you about this scenario or are you playing the ‘what if’ game? Are you doing marketing?”

And the BIG one: “How many offers have you made this week?”

They don’t like that so much… usually, because they haven’t made any offers… and a seller hasn’t brought up the issue they’re asking about.

I call the endless questioning and what-if game: anticipatory thinking.

It will get you NOWHERE, friends.

Now, of course, I try to be sensitive to students’ and clients’ frustrations and fears and anxiety—but my job as a coach is to hold them accountable, encourage them and give ‘em an occasional kick in the rear.

See, if you wait until you get ALL of your questions answered, you are never going to do a single deal. EVER.

And listen, I’m speaking from experience—I spent a good 2 years taking course after course and attending seminars and asking a billion REI questions…

What wasn’t I doing?

Taking action. Simple as that.

You just have to pull the trigger… send some marketing and make contact with leads. That’s all.

To be clear, questions are not bad. There is no dumb question. Please ask. But meet in the middle… while you’re asking questions—take action and make offers.

Totally doable. You’ve got this. And I am here to help as you go through it.

I’ve always said, if you’re not making offers, you’re not doing deals. You need to be making at least 5 offers every day. Period.

So… take action and start making offers.

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