Do you take your business seriously? I mean, are you operating it like a business?

See, I’ve often thought about how some investors ‘work’ at their business. And if they were an actual employee, they’d probably be fired…

They come in late and leave early… take a 2-hour lunch… they’re always complaining… never finishing tasks… seldom going above what’s minimally necessary.

If you were the boss of an employee that fits that description, what would you do?

You’d fire them!

To succeed, you have to treat your business like a legit business. Or it’ll never work. You have to be the champion… be the warrior for your business.

See, before I got into investing, I worked as a construction project manager…

And my boss at the time was a hard-nosed guy. He pushed us. Hard. And he was super involved in every aspect of us getting the work done under budget and on schedule. This dude was tough…

But, man oh man, did he teach me about sticking with tasks, following through and getting it done. Wow! Powerful lessons I learned then… that I want you to learn now.

It basically comes to these:

  • There is no try.
  • Don’t accept no for an answer.
  • Do what you have to do to get ‘er done.

You didn’t get a response to your email? Call them. No answer? Go see them. They’re not there? Go again tomorrow.

Hustle. Hound people. Follow up consistently.

Do what you need to do to make progress and stay in control of your deals and your business.

Look, I get it… we’re human, we can get lazy… but you have to rein that in. Stop complaining.

Change your attitude: Be the best employee of your company. (NOT the one who’d get fired.)

Be proactive. Follow up. Make it work.

Never leave anything to chance.

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