Hey there — a visit to McDonald’s got me to thinking about a powerful message…

So, a while back, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal talking about how the McDonald’s company was making changes. They had decided to go back to who they are and their core products. 

Junk food.

Yep, ain’t nobody saying McDonald’s is healthy anyway. But the company tried… they’d been trying to appeal to the “healthy-eating” crowd—those people who never go to McDonald’s anyway. (They’re missing out, amIright?!)

McDonald’s wanted to please people who weren’t their customers and would never be their customers. And the problem was it began adversely affected their sales. :-/

They realized, they’re not known for salads and fruit and healthy(ier) options—they’re known and became crazy successful as the fast food champ.

So they went back to focusing on their junk food roots. That’s what people know and love and enjoy about McDonald’s.

Well, all of this got me thinking… 

You’ve got to stay true to your core values. Stick with your course. Do what you know and stop trying to please everyone else.

Is your favorite strategy wholesaling? Great! So what if you choose to stay with wholesaling for your entire investing career? If that’s what you love to do, then be true to that. Do that. Be a wholesaler for life. (I should make that into a shirt, ha!)

See, I think a lot of us change our course simply because it seems that’s what we’re supposed to do. Not so. We do NOT need to be all things to all people. 

We actually need to stop chasing the shiny objects.

Find your wheelhouse in which you’re successful — and stick to that.

McDonald’s is good at unhealthy, high-calorie (don’t forget delicious) fast food. And they’re making huge profits from it.

Do what you’re best at… DON’T be a Jack of All Trades and Master of None. 

Keep it simple, folks. Stick with the basics: marketing, making offers and following up. 

That’s it. 

And rock on, wholesalers (or whatever strategy you choose) for life!

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