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Okay, so you know that I’m an investor… but I’m also a licensed Realtor. And because of that, I’m required to take a certain number of hours of continuing education classes to maintain my license.

So I took a home staging class.

Let me tell you—I was not excited about it. :-/

But guess what?

It was surprisingly great!

For real.

While I, personally, may never need this service, I was reminded of the necessity of staging a home and having it done professionally.

It’s actually really important.

Here’s why…

Plenty of statistics presented throughout the class prove that staged properties not only sell for higher prices, but they also sell quicker than those not staged. 

Look, more people shop online now, which means you need professional photos. And, photos are more effective when a house is staged.

So, it’ll cost you $2,000-$3,000 to have a house staged by professionals…

But usually, the staging will cost you less than your first price reduction you might have to make on your property.

If you don’t stage your house, it’ll stay on the market longer, costing you more money.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re stupid not to stage your house. Yep, I said it.

88% of people who stage their houses sell them faster than those who don’t.

Even if you’re a rehabber or you do rental—this can also work, since staging can attract a higher-quality tenant.

Houses that are staged:

  • Sell quicker
  • Sell for more money

Need I say more?

You simply can’t afford not to stage your house

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