All things take time… but we live in a hurry-up society.

Building a solid real estate business takes time. It doesn’t explode overnight. 

That first mailing might not bring a single response. Sure, that’s a depressing thought… and is why many people throw in the towel. 🙂

Don’t do that. Don’t be that person!

You need to keep at it and always, always, ALWAYS follow up.

The key to this business is:

  • Marketing
  • Talking to sellers
  • Making offers
  • Following up

That’s it. Don’t overcomplicate it!

Think about this cool saying: All green bananas eventually turn yellow.

Man, I love that!

See, this is a momentum business…

It starts slow, then builds, and builds, and builds… 

With consistent marketing, you’ll have a constant flow of leads—and every ‘No’ goes into your follow-up pipeline.

All sellers sell at some point… 

When you consistently follow up, you will get some of those ‘No’ sellers to become ‘Yes’ sellers.

Don’t throw away the green bananas (aka the ‘No’ sellers)… put them on the shelf for later (aka follow up).

How do I follow up?

Super simple:

  • short text messages
  • SlyDial voice broadcasts
  • Emails, just 1 to 2 sentences
  • brief, follow-up postcard once a month

I follow up with the same leads over and over… until they sell or tell me to take them off my list. (And if they ask that of you, you should honor it and remove them.)

Remember, don’t get in a hurry… 

Let those sellers ripen.

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