So, I heard something awesome from a good friend and fellow investor, Rob Swanson. (He’s the genius behind the revamped FreedomSoft.)

He was talking about scaling up your business—but in a way, I’d never really heard before.

Want to know what it is?

It’s the 3 S’s:

  • Simple
  • System
  • Scale

Here’s what those mean…

Simple: Don’t overcomplicate this business. Just put simple tasks in place… consistent marketing for consistent lead generation.

System: Build simple systems around those tasks using the software, apps, and VAs.

Scale: Once your simple systems become a well-oiled machine, duplicate it to grow your business.

So, when you’re successful in one market with these 3 S’s… then you’ll be ready to branch out into another market or add a new type of marketing—with your proven simple systems that are in place and ready to go.

See, Rob likes to ask this question to get his point across:

If you can do 1 deal a month, why can’t you do 8?

In other words, if you can do one system well, and it’s working for you, then it can be duplicated. And then duplicated again…

If you’re doing 1 deal a month in 1 market, do 1 deal a month in 8 markets. That’s called scaling your business, folks.

Or, if your marketing campaign is working, add another kind of marketing campaign.

Let me make this tangible…

Let’s say that based on your tracking (you should ALWAYS track your campaigns to know what works and what doesn’t!), your owner-occupant postcard is delivering great results. So, use that direct mail postcard and that type of list in another market.

But, YOU don’t actually do the work—your VA does—and he/she knows how to do it because you’ll have created a very simple and brief video of how to order and send those postcards (using Click2Mail, for example).

Or, consider this…

Let’s say that postcard campaign is working well in several markets, and you’re ready to scale even more… easy peasy: Start a new DM campaign—maybe yellow letters to an evictions list—just create a training video for your VA and BOOM! 🙂

You’re scaling like a pro.

Look, as far as I’m concerned—the only thing that holds you back is that you haven’t quite caught the vision of scaling up…

But once you get the vision of scaling up your business… that concept and taking action on it will take your business to the next level. Get to it.

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