Okay, I’ve got some tough love today…

I need to talk those of you who are Negative Nancies… Debbie Downers and, well, just general complainers.

Because I mentor students and coach clients, I hear it ALL:

  • the market is too competitive
  • it’s hard to find deals
  • prices are going up too fast

… and on and on the complaints go.

But let me tell you—the market is ripe with opportunities. I’ve seen it tested all over the country.

All this complaining and negative talk is just ridiculous.

I also get this one A LOT:

“Why should anyone sell to me when all they have to do is
stick a sign in the yard and they get 5 offers?”

Well, that just isn’t true either. And I can prove it…

All I have to do is hop on RedFin.com, filter for all the actively listed properties for sale over 180 days on the market of 3+ bedrooms in a county I target…

…and guess what?

About 250 properties popped up in that search. 250! In just 1 market!

And not only am I seeing houses for sale… but there’s also loads of houses for rent out there too.

My point is this: The market is full of opportunity.

Do the research yourself… go online searching homes that are listed for sale for over 180 days…and those for rent… look in different markets…

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised about what’s out there. There are deals to be found…

Opportunity is knocking.

If you have a solid buyers list and know what they want and what they’re willing to pay… you can wholesale deals in ANY market.

Just focus on your target market(s)… zero in on a few zip codes… and start making at least 5 offers a day.

The market is wide open for opportunity… go get some of it for yourself.

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