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Read closely — I’ve got a secret…


Bet that’s not what you thought I’d say.

Okay, here’s why I’m talking about secrets… 

I recently had a great Mastermind Meeting. It was a small group of 10 local investors. There’s several more people in the St. Louis area who have joined these meetings previously—we’ve had upwards of 25, even 30 at times.

So I was thinking about why we had such a small group.

Then it dawned on me: scarcity-minded people.

See, at these meetings, we share deals and ideas and talk about what’s working and what isn’t. No secrets. It’s terrific.

Think about it—there’s a million books and e-books and podcasts… real estate investing knowledge and action is everywhere. See, no secrets.

But there are definitely people who DON’T want to share. They’re afraid.

Instead of thinking of us—their fellow investors—as partners, they might see us as: competition. (Insert spooky laugh here.)

That is nuts, folks.

There is no need to worry about that.

I encourage you to network your butt off with other investors… 

Heck, you could even start your own Mastermind or Meetup group. You can brainstorm, give and get referrals for lenders and title companies and attorneys, share deals… 

All good stuff.

Bottom Line: Look at other wholesalers as potential partners. You’ll be glad you did.

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