Fair warning… 

I’m on a bit of a rant here about scarcity-minded people. 🙁

So, I’ve always tried to have an abundance mindset… there’s enough deals out there for everyone… I’m not going to hoard or hide information. 

When I do my podcasts and webinars and coaching calls, I always try to give loads of info—more than what most people give. I want people to actually learn something from me, to walk away with more value than they’re used to and to be able to go right out and implement it.

Why am I talking about this?

So, I have a product called MLS Hacks. It’s just $97. I’m teaching people how to get more leads from the MLS. And the feedback has been pretty amazing. 🙂

Get this—the biggest complaint I hear about it is: “Oh my gosh, I have so many leads now, how do I handle all of them?!”

So, yeah, good problem to have, right?

But here’s the other side… there are a few people out there who have asked for refunds. 

I mean, it bewilders me how anyone could ask for a refund for an information-packed course that is offered for only $97 (but really worth wayyy more than that). It has so much valuable, actionable info.

All you’d have to do is 1 deal—actually, less than 1 deal—and it pays for itself.

In all the years that I’ve been investing, I don’t think I’ve ever asked for a refund for any course I took… even if it was horrible or outdated or had incorrect numbers.  


Because I got some value out of it, even if it was only a little.

Don’t be that person who buys a course or product then asks for a refund. At least you can glean some value from it for sure.

And usually, it’s not that the info wasn’t good—it’s that the person isn’t taking action on it!

And remember, there’s tons of free REI information out there on podcasts (like mine: Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast) and credible websites.

And don’t forget about books! There are loads of useful books… you’d spend a few bucks on a valuable book, right?

Start here: The Art of Wholesaling Properties by Aram Shah and Alex Virelles

Bottom line: This business is about taking massive action. It’s not difficult. Anyone can do this. But you have to actually step out and take action. You got this.

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