With some of my recent coaching sessions, I’ve been reminded all over again how simple this business really is.

One of the simple parts is talking with sellers—a skill I had to push myself to learn because it’s one of my least favorite aspects of this industry. And, I trained my VA, so she mostly does it for me now. Happy day. 🙂

So, I thought I’d review ways that you can hone your skills when talking with sellers… what to say… how to get the experience.

Ready for this? 

Call up a seller and say: “Hey, I’m interested in your house, can you tell me a little more about it?”

How simple is that? That’s not a scary question to ask. Easy and direct.

Or, start with a little rapport building… tell them their house looks nice and add: “I’m looking for some investment properties in your area, can I ask you a few questions to see if it fits my criteria?”

So right away…

  1. That tells them you’re an investor.
  2. You are having them sell you on their house (you DON’T want to sound like or be a desperate buyer).

Remember, you are the one who can solve their problem. You have the cash. Go in with that mentality.

How about this one: “Hey, did I catch you at a bad time?”

That’s negative phrasing because they’ll like say “no, you didn’t catch me at a bad,” which means they’ve said yes to having a convo with you. Then ask if you can ask them questions.

Now, of course, some sellers will say no to you. That’s okay. Send an offer anyway and always follow up.

Talk to and make offers to 5 sellers a day.

One last idea… I always suggest that my students role play with another investor or a close friend or mentor. It’s a great non-threatening way to build up your phone skills.

Always keep in mind—this is not complicated! 

Now go pick up the phone.

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