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It is very straightforward and easy to implement. Great course!.

Russell I.

We got properties under contract really quickly.

Mark D.

It’s well-structured and has a lot of information. It’s very well explained.

Carina G.

The course is getting better as time progresses.

Wade G.

I love Joe and his enthusiasm. He’s very authentic.

Leah W.

Joe puts it in a very logical and easy to follow step-by-step process.

Edward B.

Joe McCall is first class. There’s no doubt about that.

Matt V.

Joe is basically the MIT of land investing here.

Nick H.

Joe’s Simple Land Flips course is very detailed and easy to understand.

Nhat P.

Joe, thank you for this simple and wonderful course. I’m a happy student!

Karla G.

I could not recommend any real estate coach better than Joe McCall.

David D.

I’m excited for the profits that I’ve been able to make from using Simple Land Flips as a guide.

Christopher T.

If you wanted to get started, there’s no better place to do it than Joe.

Darren P.

I’ve learned so much about what’s possible in real estate.

Guillermo F.

I had four properties under contract within a month. Thank you, Joe!

Paul P.

Joe speaks the truth and you just need to follow his steps to the tee.

Pete M.

It’s very thorough and it touches on so many different things.

Jeff A.

There’s so much information and Joe really, really over-delivers.

Grant T.

I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to Joe McCall for enlightening me on land flipping. It’s been extremely valuable.

Walter D.

I’m glad I did the Simple Land Flip course. It is really a great course.

Matt F.

If you guys are wondering about land, definitely go with Joe!

Andrew W.

The course is extremely laid out and takes you from being a newbie to all the way through.

Sid D.

Joe is very good at utilizing a high-powered CRM as well as the follow-up process.

Steve K.

Joe sincerely wants his students, each and every one to succeed.

Lill G.

The program has been so helpful and has really opened up other opportunities.

Justin D.

I’ve completed two lease option deals, and I’m currently working on three other real estate deals.

Malikah W.

Joe is very clear and he knows how to guide you and what steps you need to take.

Ben L.

This challenge helped me by giving me a more structured way to work every day.

Dennilu S.

My confidence has increased a great deal!

Brian M.

Joe is one of the best teachers that I’ve seen and come up against.

Donald L.

They’re doing an awesome job to get you as much value and information to get your first deal done.

Anthony H.

There’s no student left behind. What I mean by that is they break it down to make it so easy for you to understand.

Shirley C.

I’m super excited to get started. Joe and Gavin give so much value and great content.

Shelley S.

Thank you for reminding us that it’s easy to keep making our offers and to not be afraid to make mistakes.

Barb C.

Joe and Gavin are really smart and fun guys. They can make you a very profitable

David L.

I’ve been a semi professional student. It’s time to stop complicating this and get to work.

Robert T.

This challenge by Joe and Gavin has been great. It is life-changing.

John M.

Joe’s class gives you the direction on how to do the business. Thank you!

Tom S.

I’m really impressed with their heart to help others. Joe and Gavin really want others to succeed.

David L.

I am so glad to give a review for the New Market challenge for Joe and Gavin. The takeaways that I have gotten are phenomenal.

Donnova G.

I highly recommend this program because it’s no fluff. No nonsense! It is just straight what you need to hear to get your business going.

Geoff P.

You need to take advantage of the program. The information they give out is invaluable and priceless to your business.

Kevin O.

A great applause for what Joe has done for me with this New Market Challenge. The information is fantastic!

Wayne S.

I am learning a lot to focus on my technique and how to go fix and flip housing.

Mark V.

I like about Joe and Gavin is that they show confidence in their product by letting you know right off the bat.

Miles A.

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Even More Student Success & Testimonials

“The amount of content Joe provides is absolutely amazing”

– Pete C

“We got properties under contract really quickly”

– Mark D

“Joe taught me a lot of great stuff and I can see myself really doing this for a long time”

– Julia H

“It’s well-structured and has a lot of information. It’s very well explained”

– Carina G

“Joe gives many real-world examples of how to get this done”

– Mike A

“The course is getting better as time progresses.”

– Wade G

“It is very straightforward and easy to implement. Great course!”

– Russell I

“Joe puts it in a very logical and easy to follow step-by-step process.”

– Edward B

“Joe is basically the MIT of land investing here.”

– Nick H

“I love Joe and his enthusiasm. He’s very authentic.”

– Leah W

“Joe, thank you for this simple and wonderful course.