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He has so much knowledge, practical knowledge and he’s a fantastic educator.

Ronnie B.

It was the best thing ever!

Ester T.

Our man has great information. It’ll get you started, got to take action, take notes, pay attention and go out there and take action. Stuff Works! 

Patrick S.

Thank you so much to Joe and Gavin for this Simple Lease Options Course.

Shivanie B.

I wish everyone nothing but the successes you all aspire for and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to have crossed paths with you.

Derek B.

So I really I really say thank you, Joe, and I appreciate what they are doing for us.

Kwaku A.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a successful realtor.

Richard B.

You are the most honest, kind, generous person ever! Many blessings to you guys.

Dee L.

I love his Team. I love Gavin, I love REI Simple! I recommend it to evenyone!

Paula C.

It’s definitely worth the investment!

Bryan D.

He taught me a lot.

Chanel C.

Joe’s lease option program is probably the most comprehensive one that I’ve seen available.

Michael T.

Keep working the process and thanks again.

Adam Z.

I have learned a lot about lease options.

Diana L.

You gave me a systematized business in a box model.

Adrian H.

I’m excited to be officially off and running.

Rod R.

100 deals in the last 12 Months

Rick H.

An immediate improvement on phone calling performance. More sellers accepting offers.

Peter L.

Joe McCall is the BOMB!!!

Patti R.

One of the biggest eye-openers… 

DePaul F.

Joe is somebody that I will give a thumbs up to and highly recommend.

Steve C.

Fantastic Technique!

Wendy P.

Fast Start Guide: 0 to Offer.

Tyler A.

It is definitely a game changer.

John S.

This is definitely something that can be done. Thank you Joe for putting together such a wonderful program. 

Toni W.

Using Joe’s system has given me another tool in my tool belt.

Jeff M.

Highest recommendation.

Bill L.

Keeping it simple can get the phone to ring.

Skip R.

I highly recommend any and all of Joe McCall’s courses.

Ronnie B.

Incredible Strategy.

Keith and Shannon F.