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Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to do a lease options program.

Alessandro G.

These guys are great!

Robb C.

One of the best courses that I have taken online. It was the missing piece for my business. 

Ronald D.

Thank you for showing me how to organize my leads.

Sagirah Y.

Everything they tell you is working out perfectly.

Gary C.

I’m loving this course. So good.

Kevin S.

Joe gave some great ideas on how to find buyers.

Frank H.

Everything I learned in the program has been so much beneficial for me.

Paola A.

Five stars two thumbs up. I appreciate it. Joe.

Suzanne B.

You get way more information than you think you’re going to get. 

Timothy L.

This is awesome to implement!

Randy S.

It is 100% worth the investment. 

Mario I.

I just closed my latest deal today. This will be about a $14,000 assignment.

Yussef G.

I am super appreciative of you passing along the tricks of the trade.

Keith M.

Joe has a CRM, that’s just incredible. And it’s it automates everything for you. 

Karen M.

Thumbs up for me!

Bill M.

The course is mind blowing!

Renee M.

It’s fantastic. Can’t wait to begin making a ton of money.

Shawn O.

He’s not leaving anything out. He takes the time and explains everything.

Kevin E.

It is very beneficial. I now see a different way to invest in real estate.

Daniel B.

You did a great job and recovery like and as Gavin would say, You nailed it.

Ed B.

Such a great program.

Earle H.

I’ve been stuck in analysis paralysis and these guys got me up making offers.

Franklin P.

Very interesting and informative.

Joe M.

I’m gonna keep listening to Joe McCall because he knows his stuff.

Darrell M.

Full of great information and useful tidbits.

Nick J.

Overall, this was well worth my investment.

Ross D.

So I’m super, super excited about that, but I appreciate the ability to be able to use it. Thanks a lot. Great job!

Austin T.

Great course. Great content. Great information.

Gene R.

Joe has given a lot of great information, a lot of value in and I really appreciate what he’s doing.

Cameron U.