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It’s a great, great value for a small investment.

Mike J.

Joe McCall has a tremendous depth of knowledge regarding real estate investment.

David C.

Really, really good. Thanks 

Rafael N.

Joe McCall’s 5 Sellers a Day Challenge was the best thing I have done.

Nabeelah M.

I will make this a full-time career with your mentorship.

Calvin J.

Pretty good so far.

Paul L.

This is amazing. It’s fascinating.

Bob N.

I did the 5 Sellers A Day challenge. Let me say it pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Amy E.

I learned a lot. He shared some gold nuggets that are going to be really valuable in our business.

Gay L.

I just wanna say thank you. FIVE STARS. Love it. Keep it up, Joe.

Bill Q.

Discovered that we were capable of doing a lot more than we thought.

Dax V.

It was worth much more than what it costs us.

Barbara C.

One thing that Joe talks about that is very important is to make an offer. 

Lyn D.

I like the way he talked about wholesaling and about getting VA.

Sonya H.

It’s really incredible. Check it out.

Shaun B.

Forces you to make sure you’re making contact with sellers and sending out offers.

Antonio B.

You basically gave us a business plan on how to get our marketing machine going.

Ryan T.

It’s a great program!

Richard G.

There were so many golden nuggets that you gave out.

Kimberly B.

Thanks to this program, now we’re able to use us to talk to people to discuss prices create a contract, bargain.

Cheryl B.

There’s just a ton of good stuff.

Robert L.

I’ve been able to set up my business and to prepare for my upcoming retirement

Belinda K.

It’s good to have somebody who actually is able to help you out.

Nicola W.

Taught me, how to market not only my business but myself as an investor.

Derek B.

Great program. Great information.

Rick F.

I’m so glad that I joined this course.

Simran A.

Thank you very much for everything that you’ve done for me. 

Harold M.

I would say, it was a great experience and a tough market where I am but at the same time, I know that there are opportunities out there.

Daniel B.

I am looking forward to implementing it. Joe is a great teacher.

Greg T.

Let me close here by saying we all need someone to show us how to be better and this does it.

Yussef G.