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Patrick Y.

The training was excellent, It was way more than I anticipated.

Michael B.

That’s great and fantastic information.

Matthew E.

Through this course, I have learned a lot from marketing to systems.

Gabriel D.

Training is awesome.

Lowana N.

Appreciate it. Looking forward to the rest.

Kevin M.

Oh wow! That was a great awesome training man.

Kenway W.

Thank you so much for the content.

Justin N.

Joe’s a good guy. He does what he says.

John H.

Great course. Trainings were phenomenal!

David G.

You’ve laid it out in such a fashion that is easy to follow.

Jeffrey J.

Absolutely mind blowing. He’s giving us every single step on how to be successful in the real estate investing world.

Guido N.

Joe changed my business from being stagnant to a real entity.

Bill L.

Joe knows what he is talking about.

Bill K.

I immediately went to look up to Joe because of his style, his personality. He’s just super honest and genuine, you can tell it really resonated with me.

K'Lee T.

Nice Mind Map and lots of resources.

Walter P.

It was really good. I learned a lot.

Taurus T.

I’m just ready to go out there and get some marketing done.

Raphael C.

Lots of information between you and Tom back and forth.

Pete M.

Joe’s knowledge is just really on time.

Gladys F.

It was a very good video and very good session.

George V.

I want to say thanks so much for the content. It’s been great.

Robin H.

The role playing and evaluation afterwards was especially beneficial for me.

Joi G.

Using REI Simple system, I closed multiple deals. My biggest deal I closed using REI Simple was about a $30,000 fee and was a wholesale deal.

Archibald O.

I have done a lot of digital stuff before but this truly is very comprehensive.

Derek A.

I’m so glad that I did this program. Thank you and I highly, highly recommend it.

Shefali B.

It’s very well put together and easy to understand.

Paul S.

Joe McCall’s Simple Lease Options course is a complete system.

Rikk L.

I really enjoyed the course. There was some really good information.

Mark D.

I was really impressed with how the course was laid out. It was awesome.

Sue P.