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They’re doing an awesome job to get you as much value and information to get your first deal done.

Anthony H.

There’s no student left behind. What I mean by that is they break it down to make it so easy for you to understand.

Shirley C.

I’m super excited to get started. Joe and Gavin give so much value and great content.

Shelley S.

Thank you for reminding us that it’s easy to keep making our offers and to not be afraid to make mistakes.

Barb C.

Joe and Gavin are really smart and fun guys. They can make you a very profitable

David L.

I’ve been a semi professional student. It’s time to stop complicating this and get to work.

Robert T.

This challenge by Joe and Gavin has been great. It is life-changing.

John M.

Joe’s class gives you the direction on how to do the business. Thank you!

Tom S.

I’m really impressed with their heart to help others. Joe and Gavin really want others to succeed.

David L.

I am so glad to give a review for the New Market challenge for Joe and Gavin. The takeaways that I have gotten are phenomenal.

Donnova G.

I highly recommend this program because it’s no fluff. No nonsense! It is just straight what you need to hear to get your business going.

Geoff P.

You need to take advantage of the program. The information they give out is invaluable and priceless to your business.

Kevin O.

A great applause for what Joe has done for me with this New Market Challenge. The information is fantastic!

Wayne S.

I am learning a lot to focus on my technique and how to go fix and flip housing.

Mark V.

I like about Joe and Gavin is that they show confidence in their product by letting you know right off the bat.

Miles A.

I hear other people’s stories and how they’re working with you guys and how you’re helping them out and it just it just gets me more excited, more motivated.

Ronald V.

This has been really, really good. We’ve had a lot of learning since November.

Betsy D.

It has been unbelievable. All of the information that Joe and Gavin shared are so knowledgeable and helpful.

Melody M.

This is full of content much more than I thought it was going to be. Full of nuances, tips, and tricks.

Andrew M.

It’s an awesome experience. They are extremely patient and they answered all of our questions.

Kevin J.

Learning a lot from the New Market Challenge. Great feedback and information from Joe and Gavin.

Michael J.

This one is really giving you actionable items, resources, tips, techniques and strategies

Mark H.

The three takeaways for me was to find the deals, make talk to people, and then make the offers.

Kai S.

I’ve been very happy with this course.

Jack S.

These guys are very down to earth, and they really know their stuff about making money in real estate.

Andy B.

I’m very happy with all the information we’ve had. It’s just day two of three.

Shannan T.

The amount of information that they share is priceless

Yvonne L.

Joe and Gavin have given us some real concrete ways to approach our business.

Jamie M.

This is going to be totally amazing.

Victor A.

I took your course and you’ve given us so much information. It’s a bit overwhelming.

Susan D.