Recent Testimonials From Students

Below you will find hundreds of reviews & testimonials from members of my products & programs. Students aren't just satisfied, they have real business results!

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Even More Student Success & Testimonials

“The amount of content Joe provides is absolutely amazing”

– Pete C

“We got properties under contract really quickly”

– Mark D

“Joe taught me a lot of great stuff and I can see myself really doing this for a long time”

– Julia H

“It’s well-structured and has a lot of information. It’s very well explained”

– Carina G

“Joe gives many real-world examples of how to get this done”

– Mike A

“The course is getting better as time progresses.”

– Wade G

“It is very straightforward and easy to implement. Great course!”

– Russell I

“Joe puts it in a very logical and easy to follow step-by-step process.”

– Edward B

“Joe is basically the MIT of land investing here.”

– Nick H

“I love Joe and his enthusiasm. He’s very authentic.”

– Leah W

“Joe, thank you for this simple and wonderful course. I’m a happy student! “

– Karla G

“I could not recommend any real estate coach better than Joe McCall.”

– David D

“Joe’s Simple Land Flips course is very detailed and easy to understand. “

– Nhat P

“I had four properties under contract within a month. Thank you, Joe!”

– Paul P

“I appreciate everything that Joe’s staff has done. All my questions have been answered and I look forward to having a very successful 2023 year in my business.”

– Dennis B

” I’m excited for the profits that I’ve been able to make from using Simple Land Flips as a guide.”

– Christopher T

“I’ve learned so much about what’s possible in real estate.“

– Guillermo F

“This is my first real estate investing course. But the wealth of knowledge that I learned is going to help me get started in this business and I look forward to closing many deals with the knowledge that I’ve learned. Thank you, Joe!”

– Alex P

“If you wanted to get started, there’s no better place to do it than Joe.”

– Darren P

“Joe speaks the truth and you just need to follow his steps to the tee.”

– Pete M

“It’s very thorough and it touches on so many different things.”

– Jeff A

“There’s so much information and Joe really, really over-delivers.”

– Grant T

“I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to Joe McCall for enlightening me on land flipping. It’s been extremely valuable.”

– Walter D

“I’m glad I did the Simple Land Flip course. It is really a great course.“

– Matt F

“If you guys are wondering about land, definitely go with Joe!”

– Andrew R

“Joe sincerely wants his students, each and every one to succeed.”

– Lill G

“The course is extremely laid out and takes you from being a newbie to all the way through”

– Sid D

“Joe is very good at utilizing a high-powered CRM as well as the follow-up process.”

– Steve K

“Joe is very clear and he knows how to guide you and what steps you need to take.”

– Ben L

“It was excellent. It gave me the boost that I needed.”

– Valerie M

“The program has been so helpful and has really opened up other opportunities.“

– Justin D

“I absolutely recommend it! Anybody thinking about doing this, do it! You’ll be glad you did.”

– Cassandra M

“Joe is one of the best teachers that I’ve seen and come up against.”

– Donald L

“I’ve completed two lease option deals, and I’m currently working on three other real estate deals.”

– Malikah W

“My confidence has increased a great deal!”

– Brian M

“It provides cash flow, an option fee income up front and back-end profit with almost infinite cash return on investment.”

– Jerry M

“This challenge helped me by giving me a more structured way to work every day.”

– Dennilu S

“Got me out of my comfort zone and got me to take massive action with a total of 91 offers and actually got one accepted. Big thanks!”

– Malcolm O

“Joe has helped take my business to the next level.”

– Jon O

“I will encourage people to join this program because it really helps you to overcome the fear.”

– Angela L

“We don’t have a solid catch as of yet but we do have a few lines in the water that may work out as a win win for us and the seller. Follow up follow up follow up!!!”

– Jim K

“I really liked it. I would recommend it. And I really liked the steps you sent after the course was over”

– Juanita W

“We’re just very thankful that we ran across Joe’s class”

– Lynda and Bryce M

“Overall it was a great experience. The coaching calls allowed me to pretty much answer any questions that I have. We went over some of the deals that I was working on”

– Jonah M

“I would recommend their training in any aspect of real estate investing without hesitation”

– Tom P

“Being a part of this group pushed me to follow up with leads and actually send offers. I would not have done that otherwise.”

– Lakisha F

“I highly recommend it to anyone looking to break into real estate investing”

– Sarah L

“They are able to simplify the system so we can better understand the process”

– Michael H

“What I really like about the way Joe teaches is that he thoroughly explains and demonstrates what he’s communicating.”

– Marie S

“My wife and I said to ourselves “This is it. We’re not going to buy any more courses”.”

– Gary C

“The SLO has been so amazing for us to learn from. It is a no brainer.”

– Mario I

“I just wanted to leave him a 5 star review on his course, on his books, and on his training overall. Definitely, if you’ve been on the fence, I would go for it.”

– K’Lee T

“This is the best place to do it. Thanks Joe!”

– Earle H

“Happy and prosperous retirement because of the information that has been shared.”

– Belinda K

“I do recommend Joe’s course. Especially in the venue of lease options. Give it a try.”

– Dan K

“It has given me confidence and the strength to deal with the technical stuff”

– Simran A

“Joe provides all the materials, the forms, the insight, case studies, everything you need”

– Antonio B

“I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to get involved with Joe McCall’s training”

– Robert F

“ A wholesale deal worth $12,149 and we were pretty happy to say the least. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.“

– Lynn E

“It encouraged me to get up, do stuff, take some action, and get my marketing out there”

– Ross D

“This is a wonderful program”

– Alessandro G

“If lease options are your thing, I would highly recommend it”

– Michael T

“Investing in your course was a simple decision”

– Adrian H

“Thank you for providing many great tools and advice”

– Shelley M

“Love this program!”

– Jim K

Ester Tellez

“It’s a game changer as far as understanding and implementing the lease option strategy”

– Yussef G

“Picking up some nice pocket change from a follow up deal”

– Nona D

“Getting over the fear of talking to people was our greatest takeaway from this course”

– Javier A

“We definitely recommend Joe’s courses to anybody thinking about it. Just go ahead and try it. You won’t regret it.”

– Kathleen M

“I’m very fortunate with a deal after doing this challenge, something that I did not anticipate. All in all, plus 5 stars”

– Mark R

“I want to thank Joe McCall and the team for helping me get my business off the ground”

– Nelson T

“Net $ 5,000 on an MLS House”

– Spencer S

“It’ll save you a lot of time and frustration”

– Greta K

” I like the coaching calls and the REI Secrets weekly training. You got great content. I appreciate it”

– Jeff A

“Thank you very much, Joe and Gavin. I look forward to the next event that you have”

– Jeffrey J

“The course is outstanding.”

– Corey M

“Chock full of information. I can’t recommend it enough.”

– Troy W

“We went from being no way we could have gotten to over 20 offers per week on our own. So, once you get your mind around it, it’s pretty easy to do”

– Sid D

“I’m almost 65. I just want to say thank you very much for giving me this opportunity and God bless”

– Sue P

“I feel very confident that I can go out and start doing lease options. It was a great course and I was very happy”

– Gary W

“I am getting outside of my comfort zone. I now understand that this is business and not personal.”

– Nikki P

“This has been by far the best course that I’ve ever gone through.”

– Mark B

“Thanks to Joe and Gavin. We are looking forward to making more deals”

– Javier A

“This was definitely one of the best experiences that I’ve had. They over-deliver 100%. They really emphasize putting you in a position where you can succeed.”

– Jagger B

“Thank you so much for the course. I appreciate everything.”

– Paul M

“I learned a ton. It is really an amazing system.”

– Michael S

“I went from one to five, just like that.”

– Pete M

“I really enjoyed the program.”

– Brad R

“It was a great program. They combine all types of real estate systems and strategy in a very understandable way.”

– Stephen B

“Be encouraged, keep pushing. It will happen.”

– Regina H

“$1,500, It’s just absolutely amazing“

– Thomas A

“I was able to pick what I liked from each of them, do things, and apply it to what works best with me.”

– Timothy H

“1.5 months after I started the program“

– Melvin H

“I learned a lot about lease options and even more about my computer.”

– Cheryl B

“$4,420 first lease option deal”

– Ryan S

“We also signed up for REI Simple which is a wonderful program. I think everybody who is doing lease options should have that.”

– Teri L

“Was the best value for the money invested”

– Tonya C

“I really learned a lot from it. It really helped my business.”

– Jai Y

“They lay it out step by step for you to be able to understand how to go about doing your business.”

– Richard G

“You get way more information than you think you’re going to get.”

– Timothy L

“Just closed. $32,800… Lease Options Work!”

– Larry G

“Incredible Strategy.”

– Keith C

“$34,000 and $18,000 *My First and Second Checks*… This is Awesome!”

– Terrance N

I was initially drawn to them because they are very sincere, honest, and caring for the people they teach and mentor.”

– Jerry E

“Just a Little Motivation!!! $33,000 check”

– Matt H

“Twice in a Row… ($66,707.12)”

– Peter W

“After 3 Weeks…I Started Marketing…then, I Got this $1,000.00”

– Sean S

Deal Checks of almost $20,000 This Month

“Deal Check for $8,811.60”

– Matt B 

“Before I knew it, this happened – 4 Checks and Still Counting!”

– Philip M

“Three Properties Totaling $14,000”

“#MassiveActionTaker.. First Deal, First Check $13,346.75!!!”

– Mark P

“6 House Package Sold!…And Now Close deal for $7,000.00!”

– Allison and Patrick L

“Gaining $8,500…First Deal”

– Ed L

“First Lease Option Deal and Made $5,000”

– Katherine A

Deal Check for $5,000 with another $6,500 coming

“8 Deals Since Getting Joe’s Course”

“$3000 for My First Lease Option”

– Rob W

“First Deal, A Close Deal. I made $5100! (System Success)”

– Randy S

“$4750.00 from Automated Wholesaling”

– Anthony P

“Just Recently I Earned $7,375.00… Thanks Joe.”

– Glenn M

“$6,453.50 Check on it’s way”

– Tim N

“$1,250.00… Such a Great News”

– Bob K

“Just a Little Motivation!!! $33,000 check”

– Malik J

“System’s Win…$1912 from My 1st Wholesale Deal!”

– David D

Deal Checks of over $10,000 This Month

“I got 2 Checks this week”

– Michael M

“5 years in the business, with Several deals.”

– Adam O

“$5,000.00…From Waiting to Winning (Just in Time)”

– Trent W

“St Louis deal w/ Jeremy for $1,000”

“$4,200, First Check I Got! (With Right People and Right Resources)”

– Joel C

Deal Check for $14,173

– Phil M

Deal check for $13,500

– Brad T

“3 Wholesale Deals in 30 days totalling $15,000!”

– Katherine A

“Came home to these after a couple of weeks of vacation”

– Stephen J

“First Deal was $18,985”

– Marco R

“$36,500, 2 Checks in the Same Deal”

– Alfonso I

“$$$ 3750 on my Check!!!”

– Jay A

“For just Six Weeks, we Got our First Check for $2,500”

– Kristine H

Deal Check for $934.44

“$5,000 Assignment Fee… Makes my Weekend Nicer!”

– Roland P

Deal Check for $12,500

– Matt B

Deal Check for $1,312.50

“Deal Check for $5,000”

– Josh J

“Popped another deal by presenting the home owner with a couple options”

– Murat T

Deal Check for $4,750

Deal Checks for $33,000

“Here is the proof of the hard work, Deal Check for $8,500”

– Pepe C

Deal Check for over $13,000

Deal Check for $1,500

Deal Check for $15,000

Deal Check for $1,134.45

Deal Check for $5,000.50

Deal Check for over $6,453.50

Deal Checks for over $14,000

Deal Check for over $14,000

Deal Check for $6,793

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $6.561

Deal Check for $3,653

Deal Check for over $1,912

Deal Check for $1,054

Deal Check for $5,000

“$36,500 this past week”

Deal Check for $7,000

Deal Check for $3,500

Deal Check for $4,000

Deal Check for $1,500

Deal Check for $10,000

Deal Check for $5,670.85

Deal Check for $1,028.35

“Another $5,000 Deal”

Deal Check for $4,811

“Consistent Deal Flow”

Deal Check for $10k

Deal Check for $8,500

Deal Check for $1,687.50

Deal Check for $4,074.36

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal with Rick Hein for $7,700

Deal Check for $5,000

Deal Check for $1,898.50

Deal Check for $1,500

Deal Check for $15,975.50

Deal Check for $1,832.97

“Deal with Rick for $2,000”

Deal Check for $2,000

Deal Check for $13,436.75

Deal Check for $1,607.75

Deal Check for $2,827.50

Deal Check for $10,845.57

Deal Check for $1,477.82

“Deal Check for $25,093”

Deal Check for $2,647.54″

Deal Check for $4,000

Deal Check for $2,500

Deal Check for $1,834.50

Deal Check for $5,000

– Matt R

Deal Check for $6,453.50

Deal Check for $10,000

“Loving life, God and Lease options”

– Corey W

“I fired my boss today.”

– Ian K

Deal Check for $1,610.68

“Awesome Weekend.. First Deal from Barcelona!”

– Phil M

“Grateful for Joe!”

– Michael A

“93 Offers While Traveling.”

– Peter L

“Closed My First Deal for $6,000 Profit”

– Robert M

“Doing very well…”

– Janice and Russell L

“Just closed my first deal!!”

– Deana W

“No Doubt and fear thru the Guidance of Experienced. Got The first Deal!”

– Amir Saul G

“Got the Deal Locked UP!”

– Stephen C

“Impressive Knowledge in Wholesaling business…”

– Tom K

“2 to 5 Wholesale Deals a Month!”

– Charles T

“Wow!! $5,000 profit is waiting for me from my First deal..”

– Nelson Andres P

“Grateful For all I have learned and continuously learning!”

– Kristy D

“First Wholesale Experience I made over $61,000!!!”

– Laura S

“New Record… Wholesaled at 92% of ARV.”

– Brian L

“All warm and cold Offers”

– Billy A

“Incredibly Easy Investing strategy. Got my 1st deal & soon completed the 2nd deal..”

– Sandra Dorsey O

“F-R-E-E-D-O-M !”

– Philip M

“Closing on 2 Deals Next week”

– Gregory H

“The Earlier the Better (Do not Let Success Pass you By)”

– Frank M

“First Lease Option Deal :)”

– Victor P

“Doing Deals at the Beach with Family”

– Corey L

“2 deals this month. $22,000”

– Roland P

“Do you have a 7 streams of Income? If not, you Should!”

– David D

“Made my first Check with wholesaler @ $4,000”

– Jason J

“I just deposited a $15,000 wholesale fee”

– Russ S

“Most Rewarding Year Ever.”

– Jeff H

“Made my first Check with wholesaler @ $4,000”

– Josh J

““75 Deals in 10 different states”, It’s all because you Inspired Me to do the Business!!”

– Casey C

“$4,300 for 10 hours of work”

– Corey W

“I got 2 contracts in first thing this morning”

– Chris A

“23 DEALS that first year”

– Josh J

“Sold the deal! This was my first deal from the 5 sellers a day challenge”

– Calvin S

“This has been an absolutely mazing experience!!!”

– Veneda P

“Total Profit From 1 Deal = $28,648.20 – Thanks a lot for the tools and trainings!”

– Rinat

“My first assignment was $7,050 and netted me $6550, after the escrow/attorney fee. Woooohooo!”

– Murat T

“Yours is so concise, useful and actionable”

– Steven L

“$1.5M Deal… this is the Story of My First Fix/Flip.”

– Jesse W

“I can’t even tell you how GREAT the SLO Course is”

– Dee L

“Thank you for your time and honest concern for all of our success”

– Dianna G

“Thanks for All You’ve Done, Joe”

“I start marketing on monday and get a deal 3 days without leaving my house”

– Jeff H

“Found a buyer in one day,as she was putting in sign”

– Marty

“VA Off & Running!”

– Gary P

“First “promising” lead”

– Mario I

“I’ve learned a ton in 8 weeks”

– Michelle O

“Read the Orange book, Great read”

– Richard F

“I loved seeing all the positivity, uplifting, and show of support”

– Derek B

“Keep the pipeline full and consistent deals will follow”

– Anthony P

“Thanks again Joe for all your nuggets of wisdom”

– Maggie F

“This is my first SLO Deal that I have closed”

– Tidal Realty

“Since 2011… Over 4 million downloads… Listeners in over 170 different countries 442 5-star ratings in Podcast”

 “The level of detail is unmatched and unrivaled”

“Happy to say today i signed my first SLO contract”

– Tony W

 “Here is my Why”

– Sue P

 “Your training has helped me secure an income during these hard economic times”

– Candice B

 “Closing another property today”

– Ronnie J

“Since the, i have put together a team, including my brother”

– Robert F

 “I just purchased REI Simpe this afternoon and after few quivk lessons, I uploaded 15, within 2 minutes i had 1 responses”

– Vince M

“Properties closed last week, total profit was $15,175”

– Land Deals with Bills

“I closed on 4 deals in 1 month”

– Tom

“Woke up this morning to a signed wholesale contract”

– Tony S

“Just closed a $20,000 SLO fee with $700/mo cash flow”

– Matt R

 “Working from paradise”

– Melissa D

 “Just got off the phone with a rent to own buyer who has 20k down payment for a home”

– William W

 “I got 3 offers accepted today”

– Tameka M

 “Joe McCall is my go to guy for the right assistance”

– Jonathan

 “Average 2 to 3 deals per month since i bought the course”

– J.R S

 “Just closed my first SLO today. Got downpayment of $8,000”

– Robert F

“I am impressed with the life you build for your family”

– Walter

“You can structure the deal any way that works for you”

– Robert G

 “One of the best coaching programs out there”

– Luke P

“I have learned a lot about Wholesaling Lease options”

– Tim H

“Just sent 6,000 postcards and automated my first offer without licking a stamp”

– Spencer S

“$12,000 Option Payment”

– Beth & Mike

 “Thank you Joe McCal for the gift of this business for youyr willingness to share, teach, help, guide and patiently instruct a groupof strangers”

– Patsy W

“I’ve used your system and recently closed my 1st lease option deal”

– Matt T

“You really inspire me, Joe”

– Mo A

“SLO is put together well”

– Michelle O

“I listened to Joe McCall and Brian Page Pocast couple weeks ago and tomorrow I have my very first AirBnb guest, WOW!”

– Alan O

“New tenant move in2 days ago and also getting LO tenant sign this week and give their $5,000 OC”

– Brad W

“We have been doing this for the last 10 weeks and have 4 properties under contract in different counties”

– Don B

“Just set a new company record… Wholesaled a duplex to an international buyer at 92% of ARV”

– Brian L

“Just got my first contract signed”

– David G

“You can tell that Joe is very passionate about Real Estate Investing”

– Leighton A

“We have been doing this for the last 10 weeks and have 4 properties under contract in different counties”

– Sid D

“Thanks for pushing me to take massive action”

– Malcom O

“We are now in the community coaching program and it is amazing”

– Michael S

“Joe McCall & Gavin Timms, you both a terrific job”

– Randall B

“Really enjoyed this challenge because it took me out of my comfort zone to do things that I thought that I couldn’t do.”

– Tim D

“It is great to know what is needed to become successful in real estate and Joe and Gavin has showed me that.”

– Joy F

“Joe’s weekly REI calls provides a continuing source of information for his students to go to when they’re uncertain as to the next steps that they should take.”

– William H

“As Joe and Gavin have said, don’t overthink it. Just make offers.”

– Mark R

“Thank you so much for all that you do to help us succeed.”

– Trisha F

“I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve given me all the information on computers.”

– Geri M

– Nicholas H

“Joe you are a blessing man”

– Rick S

– May M