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Very impressive! The contents are really good and very organized.

Reed L.

Such a thorough program!

Deana W.

Joe’s a Good Guy “He does what he says”.

John H.

Quick Implementation.

Tim H.

Joe and Gavin’s advice and experience were instrumental in my journey into real estate!

Christopher M.

System did it for me. It’s Well Worth It!

Justin P.

I did it exactly the way you told me to do it. Here it is, $7,995!

Tom K.

You’ll Better Understand!

Tony R.

Everything that Joe, Gavin and his team kinda help us keep going and hit the ground running.

Jack S.

Thanks to this program, now we’re able to use us to talk to people to discuss prices create a contract, bargain.

Javier A.

Unique and Simple Way to make money.

Shaun M.

Earned $5,000 on a garbage lead!

Brandon S.

Invaluable… I could look over Joe’s shoulder…

Michael B.

Used lease options to buy my own house. 

Carl Randal & Brian T.

Did 3 deals last month!

Dave G.

Great Value In This Course!

Lyn D.

Joe’s Systems Make the Difference.

Wendy F.

Recently closed a $4000 deal!

Mike S.

Mind blowing Coaching Training!

Beatrice G.

From Social Meeting to Working Buddy 🙂

Trey S.

One of your Pillars to Success in Real Estate Business 

Jason P.

Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to do a lease option business.

Eddie K.

🙂Had a fantastic time!

Antonio D.

The concept is so straight forward and simple, it’s amazing.

Eric J.

Having my first check for $25,093…“Work smart not hard”.

Ronnie J.

Joe doesn’t hold anything back.

Chuck L.

The Trustworthy Man. 

Chris M.

My wife and I really like your course.

Gene and Valerie R.

A total assignment fee of $6,750 out of a Zillow FSBO. Thanks Joe.


All of it you got great content.

Jeff A.